How to find an interpreter?

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By Site Admin | May 24, 2019

This is a difficult question that many companies often ask. In this article, we highlight three most-often used methods for you to consider.

1. Check with public institutions: 

You could try to contact:

  • your country’s embassy
  • trade facilitation organizations
  • industry associations
  • chambers of commerce

These organizations often keep a list of recommended interpreters like this one.

2. Get private recommendations:

If you are transacting with a foreign partner/supplier, you can ask them, as they, may have used interpreters with other foreign partners before.

If you know any interpreter in the relevant cities, you can ask him/her for recommendations. Interpreters of different languages are often connected to one another via online or offline groups.

3. Search the Internet:

Use the keywords: reserve interpreters online + your-city-name

And you will find many companies and agencies. 

Read our full article here:

What about you? 

How do you search for interpreters? Please share with us your own tips here to receive a report about interpreter search trends in 2019.