What is the best way to become an interpreter?

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By Site Admin | Aug 19, 2019

The question of what should be the major of an interpreter is absurd as interpreters do not need to major in anything, but need to minor in many things.

In interpretation, you must be aware of two dimensions of specialization: industry and type.

Industries, such as economics, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education, etc. are what you need to be familiar with for each event. However, there are too many for you to become well-versed in. You may decide to pursue a couple of key industries (finance, banking, etc. always pay well), however be aware that where the demand is high and the pay is good, supply often gets crowded out and you will be in a red ocean with fierce competition. 

Types, such as business meetings, M&A meetings, exhibitions, factory visits, MC, etc., are the format of interpretation. You will also be required to be familiar with some vocabularies and etiquette specific to each type.

If you are fluent in Spanish and English, you already have an advantage. Our advice is that while in school, you look for opportunities to perform translation or interpreting work on campus for whomever you can. If you plan to be an interpreter in the future, it is quintessential to start early so that you can gain experience and get recommendations for when you need them later. Even better, getting out of your comfort zone and take volunteer opportunities. Turn to community organizations or events that have international participants and see if you can just help with the translating tasks. Practicing and experiencing will be a good start for your interpreting career in the future.

Being an interpreter is easy, but being a good interpreter requires many factors that you need to revise and sharpen every day. Interpretation is a highly demanding job, but it is also interesting and full of development opportunities. If you are interested in meeting people, travelling and accuracy, this is a job opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Freelensia provides a safe community for interpreters to post their listings and find an appropriate customer to work with. Let us be the stepping stone to your dream of becoming an interpreter.