Looking for EN-JA cabin interpreter in Hanoi 2020/2/14

A propos de cet utilisateur


A propos de cet annonce

Anglais, Japonais
Interprétation simultanée (1 de 2 personnes)
Interprétation sur place
Company representative
Most likely this is an internal meeting
Manufacturing, machinery
Not sure but maybe around 100-200
14 fév. 2020
14 fév. 2020
See listing details


I am looking for a second cabin interpreter to work with me during a business seminar in machinery, manufacturing on the morning of 14/2/2020 (Friday).

The seminar will be held 50km away from Hanoi.

The details will be revealed later. In the meantime, please confirm with me:

1. What is your EN-JA cabin, one-out-of-two interpreter listing URL?

2. We will leave Hanoi early and return later than 12:00pm. What is your extra fee per 30 minutes or per 1 hour of traveling?

3. If you have to arrange taxi yourself, what is your extra fees for this?

Note: please do not bring name cards or exchange contact information with the client during this event.

PM me if you are interested. Thank you!

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