EN-JP General Meeting (Full day)

Fee to pay at event (USD): 270
Listing language: English
Interpretation languages:
Brazilian Portuguese
Interpretation types:
Tour guide
Booth attendance
Exhibition visit
Factory visit
General business meeting
High-level business meeting
M&A negotiation
Police interrogation
Court hearing
Medical visit
Courtesy visit
Consecutive-interpretation seminar
Real-time (1 of 2 persons)
Real-time (1 person covers all)
Real-time assistant
On-site interpretation
Remote interpretation
Educational experience: American University, European MBA school
Work experience: 2 years at American companies, 1.5 year at European company, 5 years at Japanese companies
List of past interpretation jobs: ■May 2017, Consecutive seminar, JP-VN, Japanese company, Seminar on waste incineration at ECOTECH exhibition ■Mar 2017, Real-time seminar, JP-VN, Can Tho City People's Committee, Seminar on clean energy ■Mar 2017, Consecutive seminar, JP-VN, Consortium of Japanese Companies, Seminar on waste incineration ■Mar 2017, Consecutive seminar, JP-VN, Osaka City Environment Department, Consortium of Japanese Companies, Seminar on waste separation at source ■Feb 2017, Real-time seminar, JP-VN, Major insurance company, Award ceremony and dinner party ■Jan 2017, Consecutive seminar, JP-VN, Association of Japanese Companies in HCMC (JBAH), Seminar regarding labor procedures ■Jan 2017, Real-time seminar, MC, JP-VN, Major insurance company, Beginning of year all-company meeting and dinner party ■Dec 2016, Real-time seminar, JP-VN, Association of Japanese Companies in HCMC (JBAH), Round table discussion with People's Committee of HCMC ■Nov 2016, Real-time seminar, EN-VN, Young business people's association of HCMC (YBA), Start-up seminar "Fail2Win" ■Nov 2016, Consecutive seminar, MC, JP-VN, Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (MAFF), Japan Food Seminar ■Nov 2016, Real-time seminar, JP-VN, Japan Cosmetics Association, Japan Cosmetics Seminar ■Nov 2016, Real-time seminar, JP-VN, Esuhai Co., Ltd., Vietnam - Japan Education Seminar ■Sep 2016, Real-time seminar, EN-VN, Young business people's association of HCMC (YBA), CEO Forum 2016 with more than 1,000 CEOs participating
Specialized industries: Business, economics, politics, environment, healthcare
Interpreter age: 33
Interpreter gender: Male
Interpreter nationality: Vietnamese
JLPT level of interpreter: N1/1kyu
Years of interpretation experience: 8
Years lived in foreign countries where interpretation language is used: 11.0
Hobby: Music, photography


My name is Dan. I have been an interpreter for more than 8 years. I have lived 11 years in English-speaking environments and 3 years in Japan. I have worked 3 years for Western companies and 5 years for Japanese companies.

This is the listing for English - Japanese interpretation events up to general meeting.

If you are looking for events higher than general meetings, such as high-level meetings, meetings with more than 8 participants, M&A negotiations, seminars, etc. please kindly

check out my other listings located at my profile:


Thank you.

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