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English, Vietnamese, Japanese, French
Consecutive-interpretation seminar, MC, Real-time (1 of 2 persons), Real-time (1 person covers all)
8 years of experience in major international corporations
Bachelors of Economics, MBA

2021/05, EN-FR HCMC, Real-time, French organization, Seminar on dual education

2020/11, EN-VI HCMC, Real-time, Sunwah Group, 50 year Anniversary Ceremony

2020/10, JA-VI Hanoi, Real-time, Manufacturing company, Seminar on automation

2020/07, JA-EN HCMC, Real-time, Top IT company, Company-wide meeting

2020/06, EN-VI HCMC, Real-time, Vietnamese university, Seminar on investment and education

2019/11, JA-VI HCMC, Courtesy visit, HCMC Department of Foreign Affairs, Courtesy visit of Japanese Ambassador

2019/11, FR-VI HCMC, Real-time, Nodypex, Seminar on free trade

2019/11, EN-VI HCMC, Real-time, Japanese toilet manufacturer, Seminar on architect Tezuka Takaharu

2019/11, JA-VI HCMC, Real-time, Vietnam top software company, Annual sales meeting

2019/10, EN-VI HCMC, Real-time, European pharmaceutical company, Seminar on Cirrhosis

2019/09, EN-VI HCMC, Real-time, Vietnam Architect Association, Vietnam Young Architect Forum 2019

2019/09, JA-EN HCMC, Real-time, WikiFX, Seminar on forex

2019/09, JA-VI Binh Duong, Consecutive, Japanese company, Briefing session of new purchasing platform

2019/09, JA-EN Hanoi, Real-time, Top international university, Opening ceremony for new school year

2019/08, JA-VI HCMC, Real-time, JICA Vietnam, Infrastructure development seminar

2019/08, JA-EN Hanoi, Real-time, Major Japanese retailer, Workshop for university students

2019/07, JA-VI Binh Duong, Real-time, One of the world's largest software companies, Briefing session of new purchasing platform

Business, economics, politics, environment, healthcare, IT

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English, Japanese
Consecutive-interpretation seminar, MC
On-site interpretation, Remote interpretation

Hi everybody,

My nickname is Dan on the Freelensia platform. I have been an interpreter for more than 8 years. During this time, I have interpreted / acted as a multi-lingual MC for many seminars (see work list below). I have lived 11 years in English-speaking countries and 3 years in Japan.

This is the listing for one-day consecutive seminar interpretation or MC interpretation. This listing does not cover cabin interpretation (more expensive) or general business meeting (less expensive). It also does not cover other language pairs (EN-VN, VN-JP)

If you are looking for these other services, kindly view my other listings at my profile: https://www.freelensia.com/danorma

I also have introduction videos. So if you would like listen to my interpretation voice, please send me a message.

Thank you.

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