English-Vietnamese consecutive translator in Hanoi (half day)

Об этом пользователь

Английский, Вьетнамский
Туристический гид, Общая деловая встреча, полиция, медицинский
Banking Academy
4 years

2017 - Translator in some internal meetings

2020 - Translator in some business and investment meetings

English for banking and finance

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английский, вьетнамский
Туристический гид, Общая деловая встреча, полицейский допрос, медицинский визит
Перевод на месте, Дистанционный перевод

My name is Gianna, I'm 27 years old.

I'm a friendly and responsible person. I'm willing to learn new things and love challenges.

I've graduated from Banking Academy in Ha Noi for 5 years, and my major was English for banking and finance.

After graduating, I worked for a bank for a while and also worked for a foreign company.

I have one year experience in translating at some meetings between foreign investors and Vietnam hospitals.

Hope to work with you soon.

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