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I am a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter who had a good education background in science and technology, therefore, I have more advantage in these relevant projects.

In addition, I have conducted various projects related to business management, business negotiation, leadership development, sustainable agriculture production, etc.

Английский, Вьетнамский
Посещение выставки, Посещение фабрики, эскорт, Общая деловая встреча, Деловая встреча на высоком уровне, М&A переговоры, полиция, медицинский , Последовательный перевод на семинаре, Ведущий/ая, Синхронный (1 из 2 человек), Синхронный (1 человек покрывает все)
Ho Chi Minh city University of Science, Vietnam National University, Bachelor in Biotechnology
Project assistant, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA Vietnam) and Freelance interpreter

Project assistant, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA Vietnam)

The project of “Productivity and quality improvement for SMEs in the South of Vietnam”

• Simultaneously or consecutively interpret at over 70 workshops and conferences of 5S-Kaizen; Quality improvement (TQM, QCC, 7QC tools); Welding and Metal material for Vietnamese SMEs and Technical college (from 10 to 300 audiences)

Freelance interpreter:

• Simultaneous/ Cabin interpreter at the conferences of “Energy saving solution and e-factory in 2019”, “Mobile Gaming in Vietnam”, “Sustainable rice production and Blockchain application on rice”.

• Consecutive interpreter in the intensive program of internal global leadership framework at Adama Vietnam.

• Consecutive interpreter at the 4C professional training workshop of sustainable coffee supply chain

• English-Vietnamese interpreter in Summer school and Field trip 2019 on climate change and migration of ethnic minority in Mekong delta organized by Erasmus+ (06 partners from Southeast Asia and Europe).

• Escort interpreter in a technical training project of medical devices at Visionix Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel. (Nov 3rd-9th 2018)

• English-Vietnamese interpreter to a delegation of European Association of Plastic Recycling and Recovery Organization in a project to survey on production technique and the new public regulation of plastic recycling in Vietnam.

• English- Vietnamese interpreter to Korean graduate students in Vietnam’s market research project co-operated between Korean University and Korean Institute of Economic Policy.

• English-Vietnamese MC at Technical seminars of VietWater 2017, ProPak 2018 and Automechanika HCMC 2018, Vietbeauty 2018.

• English- Vietnamese interpreter for Woochang Co., LTD (Korea) to find suppliers in Automobile industry.

• English-Vietnamese interpreter at PHARMEDI 2016, VnPackPrint 2016, Vietnam International Textile & Garment Industry 2017, Automechanika 2017, ILDEX 2018, Cosmobeaute Vietnam 2018, Secutech Vietnam 2018 exhibitions.

• English Moderator at Frontend Conference 2017 (Advanced IT development)

Life science, medial field, technology, production and quality management, business , sustainable agriculture.

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Everything went smoothly!

Marinos о публикации English- Vietnamese interpreter 3 лет назад.

Everything went smooth!!. Ms Thao was very supportive and showed a great deal of professionalism during our co-operation.

Marinos о публикации English- Vietnamese interpreter 3 лет назад.