I am Anna Le, a Professional English - Vietnamese and Russian-Vietnamese Interpreter based in Ho Chi Minh city. I grew up in Russia and am native Russian speaker.I look forward to utilize my experience and skills to help you overcome language barriers and facilitate your success in Vietnam.

I have experience working at exhibitions and various meetings

In addition, I have also worked on translating brochures, articles, fact sheets, presentations, etc. My expertise lies in general business (such as sales, marketing, HR, customer service, training, etc.) area as well as management areas and finance.

Previously, I completed a Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from London School of Economics. During this time I used English as a daily communication language at the university and at work. After that, I worked at Adnow launching a Payclick project on Vietnamese market and working in all 3 languages.Now I'm working at real estate fund as marketing and sales manager.

Меня зовут Анна Ле,я родилась и выросла в Москве.Русский и вьетнамский язык родной,свободно владею английским .Сейчас нахожусь в Хошимине.

Мой опыт работы включает работу на разных

выставках (интеравто,world food и другие) ,презентация продукции ,маркетинг,помощь при заключении бизнес сделок.Имею хорошие знания в терминологии бизнес сферы,финансов,маркетинга,клиентской поддержки .

Я закончила Высшую школу экономики,факультет МИЭФ,полностью учеба на английском .ielts 7,5.Работала в adnow как международный дижитал менеджер проекта payclick,сейчас работаю на фонде недвижимости в сфере маркетинг и продажи.

Буду очень рада сотрудничеству !

Mình tên là Anna le,mình ở hồ chí minh .Mình đẻ ra ở Nga,tiếng Việt với tiếng Nga là tiếng mẹ đẻ của mình.

Mình đã đi dịch ở triển lãm và giúp ký hợp đồng .Mình thạo lĩnh vực business,marketing,finance.

Mình giúp quảng cáo sản phẩm.

Ielts 7,5

Tốt nghiệp London school of economics external

Program (học bằng tiếng Anh)

Trước mình làm marketing manager o Adnow ,bây giờ mình làm lĩnh vực bất động sản.

Rất mong được hợp tác với các bạn!

English, Vietnamese, Russian
PG, Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, General business meeting, High-level business meeting
Higher school of economics ,LSE external program
Marketing and sales at Indochina ,Guest Relations at Intercontinental

■World food exhibition

■Auto show

Finance ,economics , business ,strategy ,Auto

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