Seminar & Workshop Simultaneous Interpreting (1 Day Rate)

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Phiên Dịch Viên
الإنجليزية, الفيتنامية
زيارة المعرض, زيارة مصنع, اجتماع عمل العام, اجتماع عمل رفيع المستوى, ندوة التوالي، تفسير, MC
University Of Greenwich, England (Full Tuition Scholarship)
Interpreted for more than 150+ seminars/workshops/trainings/business meeting ranging from various topics such as Finance, Investment, Business, Sales, Aviation,…

■ Vietjet Air Training: Shine Up With Vietjet Air - Hosted by Vietjet Air Training Center

■ Master Of Success - Hosted by Summit, Asia's Leading Education and Events Company

■ Orientation & Career Day - Hosted by ERC Institute, Singapore

■ Bestseller Income Seminar by Millionaire Speaker Dominic Tay

■ Income Mastery Program by Option Expert Terence Tan

■ And many more...

Business (Sales, Marketing, HR,..); Self-Development; Wealth Creation; Corporate Training

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الإنجليزية, الفيتنامية
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Hi there! I'm Lam Truong, a Professional Interpreter based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I have interpreted for more than 150+ seminars, workshop, meetings,... ranging from various topics such as Finance, Investment, Business, Sales, Aviation,... in the last 3 years.

What brings the greatest satisfaction to ALL of my clients is the ability to imitate the speaker's body language & attitude and deliver the message wholly to not only bring success to my clients but also bring satisfaction to the audiences.

With the skills and experience accumulated, it is my honor and mission to convey your message and help you achieve massive success in Vietnam.

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