1 interpreter for a Cross cultural training

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الإنجليزية, اليابانية
اجتماع عمل رفيع المستوى
في الموقع تفسير, تفسير عن بعد
سبت 16, 2019
9am or 10am
سبت 16, 2019
3.30 pm
نعم فعلا

Interpretation of a Cross cultural training in ENG-JAP-ENG for a Japanese executive composed of:

1 day face to face:

6 hours interpretation ENG-JAP-ENG in D2, HCMC, on September 12.


To be confirmed afterward: 3 Virtual sessions: total 6 hours on 3 different days. The interpreter will work from home remotely on their own computer.

1 x 3 hours

2 x 1,5h

Dates to be confirmed.

knowledge in communication or intercultural communication vocabulary.

The proposed fee is for the whole event and all the sessions.

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