Korean to English Translator Wanted in Korea

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Khách Hàng

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الإنجليزية, الكورية
مرشد سياحي, مرافقة
في الموقع تفسير
أكت 20, 2019
أكت 25, 2019
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My name is Gavin- I work in the financial industry here in Canada- would be travelling to Korea from 20th to 25th October, to meet my partner and her family. I need a translated during that time for 3-4 hours a day as a tour guide and translate basic Korean to English and vice versa at an economical rate.

Please provide details so that we can have a conversation before setting up a booking date. Happy to pay a certain negotiated amount as advance as commitment.

I am easy going so, don’t need experts or a person with a lot of experience, basic English skills would be sufficient to meet the purpose.

*Important* - needs to be friendly female, and outgoing personality.


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Please contact me via posts here...

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