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الإنجليزية, اليابانية
كشك الحضور, زيارة المعرض, زيارة مصنع, مرافقة
Worked for importing company

-Business meeting with Tokyo disneyland.

-Language assistant for Game-show exhibition.

-Stationary booth.

-Interpretation at city office.

-Supporting house purchase.

-Medical conference

Virtual Assistant

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الإنجليزية, اليابانية
مرشد سياحي, كشك الحضور, زيارة المعرض, زيارة مصنع, مرافقة, اجتماع عمل العام
في الموقع تفسير, تفسير عن بعد

Hi This is Mitsuaki. I'm 26 years old. Living in Chiba (Only few stops away from central Tokyo).

I was born and raised in Japan. I lived in the USA for 1 year as a exchange student.

I worked for Japanese importing company for two years. (Sales department and customer service job). and working as virtual assistant now. 

Here is my previous work.

-Hand-carry items to Thailand (2019)

-Helped moving furniture (2019)

-Bought trading-cards in Japan and shipped it to Malaysia (2019)

-Sold $10,000 worth items on Mercari/Yahoo auction. (2019)

-Arranged tour guide / renovation / recycling company. (2019/5)

-Interpreter work for Tokyo Disneyland. (2019/4)

-Shipped important documents. (2019/3)

-Booked restaurants and hotels. (2019)

-Event staff for international event. (2019/3)

-Hired 500 Japanese for voice survey. (2019/1-2)

I can help you anything as long as it's legal!

Thank you so much for reading.

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