Remote/In-person Simultaneous Interpreter (Half-day)

حول هذا المستخدم

Phiên Dịch Viên
الإنجليزية, الفرنسية, آخر
مرافقة, اجتماع عمل العام, اجتماع عمل رفيع المستوى, طبي, ندوة التوالي، تفسير, المقصورة (1 من 2 شخص)
Bachelor of arts degree in Translation, Master of arts degree in Conference Interpreting
Freelance professional conference interpreter for various international organizations such as the ECOWAS, the AU, the WHO, HelpAge INTL and EYO

List of topics covered so far

-For the WHO: health promotion and health determinants in the African region, COVID-19 preparedness at country entry points, sensitization of young scientists to the Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize.

-For the ECOWAS: the CFA and ECO currency, WAMZ and EBID project management board meetings, banking and finance, economic development, human trafficking, road

design and construction, oil and gas, the mining sector in West Africa, petrochemistry and geology, electoral observation.

-For the AU: electoral observation, the African girl child, FGM, child marriage and abuse prevention.

-For the USAID: the impact of COVID-19 on utility companies and the electricity sector in West and East Africa

-For HelpAge International: The contribution of the elderly to society and the need for their care and preservation after retirement.

-For EYO: Religion, young adult self-development training and seminars

And a lot of other works related to interpretation and translation.


حول هذه القائمة

الإنجليزية, الفرنسية
مرافقة, اجتماع عمل العام, اجتماع عمل رفيع المستوى, ندوة التوالي، تفسير, المقصورة (1 من 2 شخص)
في الموقع تفسير, تفسير عن بعد

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