Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 700000

A Bachelor International Relations graduate of Vietnam National University of Social Sciences and Humanities with professionalism and can-do attitude. The active, responsible, enthusiastic, fast-paced learning and kind person. I am now settled down with my full time Marketing job. I am looking forward to a part-time interpreter position with confidence and full capability taking from years of advanced interpretation courses in International Relations Faculty, and working in professional environment.

Critical thinking, leadership, public speaking and problem solving are my strengths.

Possessing strong can-do and eager to win attitudes, I love challenges and willing to learn and do what takes to get a job done well even under pressure or on far mission.

Phiên Dịch Viên
الإنجليزية, الفيتنامية
كشك الحضور, زيارة المعرض, مرافقة, اجتماع عمل العام, اجتماع عمل رفيع المستوى, M & A التفاوض, MC, المقصورة (1 من 2 شخص), المقصورة (1 شخص يغطي جميع)
Bachelor of Arts International Relations

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