Room C09, Number 2000 North Zhongshan Road, Putuo, Shanghai, China.

Sourcing, Products Designing and Manufacturing, QC, Export and Shipping.

**This is Liu, after graduated from University of Manchester (UK) in I was hired by Capita Symonds in Carlisle, Cambria, UK, as a graduate Engineer in Asset Management team.

During the two years working, apart from the professional work knowledge, I got rich Experience in English communication.

Most my working experience falls in Purchasing planning, product design, contract manufacturing, quality control and supplier management field.

**My background is Mechanical Engineering, I got it in my first degree in Tongji University (Top 3 of Mechanical Engineering in China) and then got my master degree in University of Manchester of Maintenance Engineering.

** CAD/CATIA/Solidworks Drawing are my specialty, can help to design**

**I work in Autoparts/Mechanical/Electrical industry, on CAD/CAM, contract manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, Product design, Drawing, Process supervising, 6S control, Testing, and Inspection; my clients are in USA, Mexico and East Europe.

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