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To Recruiter,

The enclosed resume details will show you that I have the career history and knowledge vital to success in our industry. I have the experience and qualifications your company seeks.

If you take a moment to review my resume, you will see that I've successfully progressed in my career, advancing to challenging positions in the Interpretations and Language Consulting field and technical support field.

My background includes roles such as Translator and Interpreter both

Onsite and Over the phone at great companies such as Cyracom International and LanguageSolutions among international NGOs, United States Embassy, United States Army, International Conferences in Macau, China, Portugal, Cape Verde, Senegal that have allowed me to master leadership and team development skills that are crucial for the job.

In my most recent position as Medical Interpreter at Cyracom, I had the opportunity to develop the skills and experience necessary to succeed in my role. Examples of my experience include being accurate, assisting with issues, I facilitated by supporting and following the clients

instructions. I am also known for my excellent communications skills.

I've attached my resume for reference and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you in advance for your time

English, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Other
PG, Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Factory visit, Escort, General business meeting, High-level business meeting, M&A negotiation, Medical, Consecutive-interpretation seminar, Real-time (1 of 2 persons), Real-time (1 person covers all)
Bachelor Business Management
14 years

4 Week Training provided by ICMTC International Correctional Management Training Center in Colorado Springs CO,Denver for Portuguese EuropeanBrazilian, Cape Verde Creole, and Spanish, Responsible for covering 5 countries Mexico, Brazil, Cape Verde Trinidad and Togo and coordinating proper communication between the teams leaders and security protocol in facility and during visitations.

Cyracom lead interpreter for Portuguese, Cape Verde Creole, Spanish

Medical Interpretation, General interpretations, Legal
Level 5
Level 5

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