Ray is a freelance Chinese and English conference interpreter.

A graduate from English major back in school and professionally trained with the simultaneous and consecutive interpretation skills, she has seven years of work experience in language servive industry. Her highlighted projects include some international seminars and summit conferences where she provided simultaneous interpretation, business negotiation meetings where she provided consecutive interpretation, and tons of documents translation.

To name a few of the organizations and brands that she had provided with translation and interpretation services — World Health Organization, European Union, Walt Disney Imagineering, Gallup, Adidas, Simon Carter, Southwire, Volkswagen, LORD Corporation, ACCA, Autodesk, Kaspersky, RSA, CBRE, Lehr Real Estate, Reckitt Benckiser Group, Smith & Nephew, South Australia Tourism Committee and McIntosh Laboratory Inc.

She is strong at self-learning and can be diplomatic on meetings, meaning she is fast to respond, good at observation and presenting your company's image and defending your company's interest.

She is particularly specialized in interpretation and translation in fields of architecture, engineering, construction, information technology, computer science, electronic technology, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, fine art, fashion design, Christianity, business, economy, marketing and branding.







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