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- Đại Vũ paint Co, meeting with Tronton, Polish Co, in Hanoi. They demonstrated their products in Huyndai Body shop on Pham Van Dong Str, including Ranger Black 2K, Plastic Putty (bả nhựa), Polyester Putty Master Extra, Polyster Putty Alluminium (bả bột nhôm), Putty Amber (multifunction), Putty Fine (bả mịn, láng mục đích fill pinholes. Some terms: USB Spray gun, Standard gun, Nozzle 1.3, 1.8; MS. HS, VHS, apply to the metal/plastic surface,thinner (xăng pha, xăng tẩy vết bẩn…), resin (dầu,..), hardener (chất làm cứng), Primer (sơn lót), clear polishing compound (xi đánh bóng), one step (Bước 1), Two step (Bước 2 ), Foam (bọt lau chà), fast dry, posy,Polyester. Acryl.

- Interpreting for Embito porcelain titles in India, meeting with some clients in Bac Ninh(Hiếu Nga co,), Hai Phong (some key words: Possy, High posy, ..)

- Nucewall meeting with Delta on new building material- Nucewall lightweight walls/panels applied to boundary fences in the basements B1-B6.

- Savico meeting with Deep C on construction design. (rebar, slab, foundation, reduce stretch độ co giãn)

-An Thinh Group meeting with Windham Group, working on site survey for design drawings (interior) (Keywords: Bungalo, villas, basement, vanity, MEP (mechanical electricity and plumbing)….Lương Sơn Hòa Binh project.

-Indonesian carpet co, working with AMA trading co, on various types of carpets.(key words: pile weight, height, spot color, Earth, PP, nylon, polyester…)

- Scotish breeding company working with Tan Nông Co, about potato seeds such as La Strada, Kingsman, Safiyah - Key words: sprouts, stems, loading pictures, shipping line, weight, moiture, spilting (tỷ lệ nứt củ), resistance to pest (khả năng chống chọi sâu bệnh),

- European timber manufacturer working with Vietnamese import co, on buying some products such Iroko blocks and Tali lumber.

- Hashin, Korean construction company working with Hoang Hai subconstructor on payment.

- Viet Nhat safety glass co, meeting with Kuraray, Thai film manufacturer in Hungyen province.

-Hashin, Korean construction company meeting with Vietnamese co, about tax.

- Italian company meeting with Vietnamese Laws firm on purchasing land area in Hung Yen province. ( some key words: release contract, investment certificate, 3-party meeting minutes, assets, value, contribution, buying debts, mortage loan, bank, payment methods…)

- KTA with SLTL, medical equipment mânufacturer in India working on stents and balloon atheters.

- Meeting bewteen Stahl co, Germany Co manufacturing cranes and hoists with their distributors in Vietnam.

- Meeting between Irosiole Co, with elecon- Vietnamese co, about connectors for auto parts.

- Meeting between Bao Chau Co, with Asian sale representative to discuss marketing stategies, import plan and sales target next year. Bao Chau specializes in selling passive and active speakers, amplies, micro and other sound items for outdoor , karaoke room, theaters…

-Meeting between Deep C(Multinational company specializing building rental warehouses in Industrial Zones, based in Haiphong) and Savico (Vietnamese )design company, working on quotation and master plan for Quang Ninh project.(Key words: architect, piling, electrical, water systems, ready-built warehouse, green strip, summission fee, approval, QEZA ( Quang Ninh economic Zone Authority), sub-items, permanent and temporary fence)

-Escort meeting in Lang Son Province, Mai Pha project (Green Garden Project in Mai Pha, Lang Son city), working with Denish design company, Laxen and GP Invest( Study the site, interview local people in the neighborhood)> specializing in urban planning, architecture, landscape, buildings, types of houses, entertainment activities.

- Online meeting with Thai Co, about milk products with sales rep in Vietnam.

- Online meeting with JW Korean Medical Equipment

-Online Interpreting for FISIOLINE CO, Italian Company training session in terms of FISIOWAVE, FISIOFIELD, LASER DEPLIANT……

- Escort interpreting for a British pilot at Tay Ho Police office (sue for slander)

- Truong Son Medical Co, meeting with Korean sales staff via TEAMS software.

- Interpreter for Malaysian and American men about “land transfer procedures” with their wives at the law office.

- escort of individual (Australian Dr. met up with Vietnamese historian to ask about Vietnam war)

- Canadian directors working with Mechanical companies in Me Linh, Hanoi

- Interpret about bamboo and rattan items at Cat Dang, Y Yen, Nam Dinh (Polish CEO)

- Interpret about Korean fire system

- Interpret about child adoption for Irish woman.

- 3/5 Economics Forum in National Conference Center, My Dinh, Hanoi

- Medi-Pharm Exhibition in Hanoi Vietnam (Medical equipment)

- National K Hospital (Radiation treatment for cancer patients)

- WO TOKEN FOREX market (seminar with more than 100 people)

- Interpret about agricultural produce in Vietnam (Colombian, Hongkong and Indonesian)

- Interpret for Canadian and Korean businessmen about wood and timber project (wooden pile with plastic caps)

- Environment Co, waste treatment projects (Canadian businessmen)

- Viet Nga Co, working with Cuba, Switzeland and Russia on exporting and importing gas cylinder and steel plates.

- Interpret for Wefly structure (working with Gstarcad- Chinese company about sofwares)

- interpreter for Chinese man about setting up a production line of shoes in Hai Phong

- Interpreter for Korean businessman about mechanical parts for auto and motorbikes

- Interpreter for Indian businessman about agriculture (medicine, nutrients and vitamins for fish, cattles…)

- had a tour to some hospitals in Hanoi with foreign experts.

- Translate documents about security investment.

- Interpret for the seminar on process of becoming a resident in Syprus.

- Interpret for the training sessions on CNC machines in Bac Ninh.

- Interpreter for Technocom company (Malaysian and Canadian partners)

- Interpreter for Indian Finore Minerals (feldspar and clay lumps)

- Interpreter for Korean Cosmetics company (lidocaine, body filler …)

- Interpreter for the wedding (American and English families: culture)

- Interpreter for Tectyl Oil company ( products: steel and oil export and import processing)

- Interpreter for ODA cable project in Thanh Hoa province .

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Inglés, Vietnamita
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