El-Shaheed El-Mohandes Essam Farag, AR Raheb, Shibin el Kom, Menofia Governorate, Egypt

I'm a highly motivated, hard-working and honest Arabic<>English freelance reviewer, translator and interpreter who's passionate about enabling communication and understanding across languages.

I want to assist as many people as possible to engage and communicate through language on a daily basis.

After graduating from my university studies in English Language, arts, literature and sciences, I was motivated to develop a strong body of experiences across various topics and mediums of translating and interpreting work. I'm currently Primarily working as a freelancer but I'm open to any potential opportunities that may arise. I have a strong interest in areas such as Literary and Academic works as well as Arts and Science, but  I'm always available for all types of potential jobs/requests.

My passion for language and communication has also led me to establish a private Arabic language teaching and tutoring job that I'm currently conducting with students via Skype on a regular basis.

I have been and currently still am working as a freelancer with Effectiff and Mission translate amongst many others via sites such as boostlingo and wordbee.

My strongest suits are Medical, Legal, Marketing, Literature and Religion translation and interpretation work.

English, Arabic
Tour guide, Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Factory visit, Escort, General business meeting, High-level business meeting, M&A negotiation, Police, Court, Medical, Consecutive-interpretation seminar, Real-time (1 of 2 persons), Real-time (1 person covers all)
Menoufiya Universit, BA-En


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