English-Vietnamese cabin interpreter in HCMC - half day rate


英語, ベトナム語
エスコート, 一般的商談, ハイレベル商談, 逐次通訳セミナー, 同時通訳 (2人の中1人), 同時通訳 (1人のみ担当)
Bachelor degree in Engineering in Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) - First class honour
Consecutively and simultaneously interpreted for wide ranges of seminars, conferences, workshops, trainings, private meetings to big-size events (>1,000 pax)

Mindshare’s Huddle Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Cabin Interpreter (Marketing & Media)

Suntory-PepsiCo Internal Training, Ho Chi Minh City

Cabin Interpreter (Corporate Training)

EB-5 (US) through Property investment, HCMC & Ha Noi

Cabin Interpreter (Real Estate)

AliExpress & OSB Partnership Announcement, HCM City

Bilingual MC & Interpreter (E-commerce)

MindChamps's Teacher Training, Ho Chi Minh City

Interpreter (Corporate Training)

Western Australia Migration, Ho Chi Minh City

Consecutive Interpreter (Immigration)

Ultimate Freedom Bali Mastermind, Bali (Indonesia)

Liaison Interpreter (Internet Business)

Jay Abraham's Private Consultancy, Online

Remote Interpreter (Business)

Sandy Jadeja's Focus Group, Spain

Simultaneous Interpreter (Financial Trading)

Unleash the Power Within, Singapore

Cabin Interpreter (Personal Development)

Business Accelerator Bootcamp, Kuala Lumpur

Whisper Interpreter (Entrepreneurship)

International Acting Program, Ho Chi Minh City

Consecutive Interpreter (Press Conference)

Business (sales, marketing, HR, customer service, management, entrepreneurship, etc.), Corporate Training, Investment, Internet Marketing/Business, Wealth Creation, Personal Development


英語, ベトナム語
同時通訳 (1人のみ担当)
オンサイト通訳, リモート通訳

Hi, I am Zoe Hoang - your interpreter for cabin translation (1 person covers all).

I look forward to serving you.

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