200000 Shanghai, China

I have always held firmly as a translator that Customer's Demands Are Above Everything!

Born in China, I have been learning English for over 15 years. I am quite enthusiastic about English literature and writing, which is why I didn't hesitate to choose English as my major. After four years of systematical study of English, I am now adept at English- Chinese translation and English essay writing. I have helped a lot of people translate literature works, product brochures etc. .

What interests me the most , however, is interpretation, a live onsite translation. Nobody feels light-hearted traveling to a foreign country for the first time due to diverse cultures, customs and social practice. Isolation, helplessness and shock strike you at the same time, propelling you to the verge of collapse. This is when I feel honored and delighted to come to your rescue. Everyone could encounter such a dilemma. As a messenger bridging the gap between different cultures, I am more than willing to offer my help and possibly make friends with you, delivering a professional onsite service as well as a native guide that introduces a new culture to you during your sojourn in China.

Wish everyone who travels to China have a good time!

English, Chinese
Exhibition visit, Factory visit, General business meeting
Loujia College, Wuhan university BA

Onsite interpreter for an American client in business meetings and factory visit

Computer Science/Sports/Blockchain/Business

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