English-Chinese Freelance Interpreter Based in Shanghai

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영어, 중국어
여행 가이드, 부스 수행, 전시회 방문, 공장 방문, 수행, 일반 비즈니스 미팅

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영어, 중국어
여행 가이드, 전시회 방문, 공장 방문, 수행
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I am a freelance interpreter based in Shanghai, China, and have been in the freelance business for almost 15 years.

I am the holder of China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI) certificate (in year 07). And to date, I have handled almost 20 million words and complete nearly 100 interpretation jobs both at home and abroad.

I am also the holder of Foreign Trade Merchandiser Qualification Certificate ( in year 04), which enables me know all the international trade processes and practices. Now, I work as a sourcing agent and virtual assistant for many global clients.

With the education background of Business English major, plus abundant experience in the foreign trade and excellent language skills, I can help you in the business negotiation, presence at trade shows, goods sourcing, supplier selection, sample delivery, drop shipment, factory visit, order fulfillment and other requests.

I have always been interested in the "people interacting" opportunities, and obviously, offering interpreting service is the right one, and I believe I am the right person you are looking for when you need a fluent English-speaking professional with good language skills and sound trade knowledge.

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