EN-JA full-day high-level consecutive interpreter in Tokyo

이벤트 요금 (달러): 450
공고 언어: 영어
통역 언어:
브라질 포르투갈어
통역 종류:
여행 가이드
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학습 경험: Sophia University (English Literature) Bachelor of Arts
직장 경험: Exec. Secretary at Foreign Bank and Airlines (abt. 3 yrs), Freelance Interpreter (27 yrs)
과거 통역 직업 리스트: (Jan. 2018 - as of Oct. 25, 2018) Updated version available upon request 1. Simultaneous ISO Conference (Shizuoka) International Organization for Standardization (Japanese/overseas experts on Electric Assist Bicycle, including, YAMAHA, Panasonic, Shimano, Bosche, Ministry of Economic and Trade Industry) 2. Consecutive/Whispering ODA trainee training Conference (Chiba/Yokohama/Gunma) ODA training provided for Zimbabwe trainees (National Water Authority/Department of Irrigation) at Ebara Corp./ Toshiba (TMEIC: Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation / Akagi Land Improvement District 3. Consecutive/Whispering Business meeting (M&A Business interview) (Kyoto) Eurofin Scientific (Global top Testing Services) SVP etc. & Japanese Lab company (name withheld here) 4. Simultaneous Extraordinary Executive Management Meeting (Tokyo) Mitsubishi Chemical Holding 5. Consecutive/Whispering Business meeting (meeting with new contractor) (Ishikawa) W.L. Gore & Associates & local supplier 6. Consecutive/Whispering Investors Relations (company visits) (Tokyo) WARABEYA NICHIYO HOLDINGS CO., (7-11’s top supplier) & PRAP Japan (leading PR company) 7. Simultaneous Executive Management Meeting (Tokyo) Panasonic Healthcare 8. Consecutive/Whispering Business Introduction Meeting (Tokyo) Meiji Seika Pharma & InterVivo Solutions/CanCog/Transpharmation CEOs 9. Simultaneous Human Resources Committee meeting (Tokyo) AXA Direct CEO / management & HR staff 10. Whispering /Consecutive ISO Conference (Tokyo) International Organization for Standardization (Japanese/overseas delegates on Solid Recovered Fuels, including, Kyoto Univ. Graduate School, RPF Association, Ministry of Environment) 11. Consecutive Business Meeting (Contract) Top management of Kawashima Selkon Textiles / GM of Royal Thai (textile company) 12. Simultaneous Sales Meeting (Tokyo) Sandoz (subsidiary of Novartis) Monthly Meeting attended by CEO/Managers 13. Consecutive/Whispering ISO Office Assessment / Witnessed audit (Saitama/Shizuoka) ANAB (USA Accreditation Body) auditor / IME (Certified Body) / STS (Audited Company) 14. Simultaneous (phone) Telephone-Depth-Interviewing (5 sessions) Cathaya Technologies LLC (Market Research Company) & psychiatrist: 15. Simultaneous Workshop (Tokyo) IOC/Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. 16. Whispering /Consecutive Factory tours (Toyama) Aisin Light Metals (ALM) / ALM USA 17. Whispering /Consecutive Engineers’ meetings (Fukuoka) Japan Filter Technology / Hauni (German Filter maker) 18. Whispering /Consecutive Management Workshop (Chiba) Jet Star (Japan’s No. 1 Low Cost Carrier) 19. Simultaneous Monthly Sales Meeting (Tokyo) Mitsubishi Chemical Holding 20. Whispering Market Research (Fukushima) ichoosr (Dutch energy consulting company) 21. Whispering Investors Relations (Tokyo/Osaka) Visits to Yasukawa Electric / Keyence by GUARDCAP (London’s Fund Management) 22. Whispering Consecutive Simultaneous Site visits and summary discussions (Tokyo) (3 days) JOC/ OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) 23. Whispering Business Meeting (for Patent lawyers) Tokyo Steel / Top law firm in Washington D.C. 24. Whispering Consecutive Presentations & QA sessions (Tokyo) (3 days) Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) SVP & executives/ METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) / Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (Security) / Hitachi / Toyo Corp. / The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC) 25. Simultaneous ISO Conference (Minnesota) (3 days) International Organization for Standardization (Japanese/overseas experts on Electric Assist Bicycle, including, YAMAHA, Panasonic, Shimano and Bosche) 26. Consecutive/Whispering ISO Office Assessment / (Tokyo) (5 days) ANAB (UK Accreditation Body) auditor / BSI (leading Japanese Certified Body) 27. Simultaneous Award Ceremony (Tokyo) Micron US HO Execs. (leading US semiconductor company) & Japanese Execs. Simultaneous Status presentations (Tokyo) IOC/Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (Transportation) 28. Consecutive (Teleconference) Investors Relations Oki Electric Industry / azbil Co. Interviewed by GUARDCAP (London’s Fund Management team) 29. Whispering /Consecutive HR Workshop (Tokyo) Sandos HR Head from Singapore and Sandos HR staff (2 sessions) 30. Whispering ISO Witnessed audit (Miyagi) ANAB (UK Accreditation Body) auditor / ABS QE Japan Inc. (Certified Body) / Yaguchi Denshi Kogyo (Audited Company) 31. Whispering / Consecutive Business introduction meetings (Tokyo) (2 days) Zee Entertainment (Media / Entertainment Business of Indian Conglomerate Essel Group) meeting with Japan Tourism, HJ Holdings (Hulu), TV Asahi, Hello Earth, Nippon Television, Sky Perfect J Sat Group, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television 32. Consecutive (Teleconference) Customer Relations HSBC / Mitsubishi UFJ Bank interviewed by Ideas & Actions (for Customer Insight Interview) 33. Simultaneous Sales Manager Workshop (Yokohama) (4 days) Caterpillar / NCD (Distributor) 34. Simultaneous Panel Discussion (Gunma) Participants include celebrity comedians, CEO and foreign residents, organized by Junior Chamber of Commerce - Japan (Gunma) 35. Whispering Business Meeting (Tokyo) Executives of Super Planning (Hamamatsu-based tote bag maker) & buyers mainly from Asia (China, Singapore, etc.) 36. Consecutive Business Meeting (Tokyo) DELL EMC’s client workshop (presentations & Q/A) for Indonesia Stock Exchange execs. 37. Consecutive Business Meeting (Ibaragi) (2 days) ALLEN VANGUARD (Canadian leading solution provider for defeating threats) Chinese Ph.D’s equipment training given to Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 38. Simultaneous Workshop (Tokyo) LINDBERG (Denmark highend eyeware maker) Shanghai designers’ product technical/marketing training given to Japanese partners 39. Simultaneous Product Presentation (Tokyo) Orthus Solutions (US Web development compnay) CEO’s product presentations/demonstrations to Japanese developers 40. Simultaneous Market Reseach Interview (In-Depth) (Tokyo) W.L. Gore & Associates-sponsored market research interview given to practicing doctors ( 3 sessions) 41. Consecutive/Whispering ISO Office Assessment / Witnessed audits (Tokyo/Niigata/Shizuoka) ANAB (USA Accreditation Body) auditor / ASR (Certified Body) / Shinryo Co., Ltd. & Hatakeyama Mfg. Co. Ltd. (Audited Companies) 42. Whispering Business meetings (Exhibition) (Tokyo) (2 days) Zee Entertainment (Media / Entertainment Business of Indian Conglomerate Essel Group) meetings
준문영역: Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Government (Tokyo Olympics)
통역사 연령: 55
통역사 성별: 여자
통역사 국적: 일본
통역사의 TOEIC 점수: 990
통역 경험 수년: 27
통역 언어가 사용되는 외국에서 사는 수년: 0.5
취미: Travelling, watching movies and reading books
비디오: https://youtu.be/9wEUs8KTLWw

Executive secretary for Indian and Korean officers at a foreign bank and for Italian Sales Manager at Alitalia before becoming a freelance interpreter for Nippon Steel Corp. in Turkey in 1991. Since then, fortunate enough to have participated in numerous meetings/conferences/trainings/workshops (incl. business - contract, sales, management, HR & academics - lecture, presentation etc.) inside/outside Japan. Consecutive/Whispering/Simutaneous available. (also teach at Univ).

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