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AA (Japan), LLB (Japan) and LLMs ( UK & USA)

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I have been serving as an interpreter at a wide range of events and under a diverse set of conditions and international conferences, including IT knowledge transfer and development, electricity, electronic engineering, energy industries, litigations, depositions, medical and pharmaceutical conferences, technical inspections, business meetings, trade fairs, construction projects, entertainment productions, concert tours, and at various types of manufacturing plants and laboratories of different industries. I have also traveled in my capacity as an interpreter to Asia, North America and Europe. The following is a list of some of the events and companies which I have served:

Agere Systems

AIG / Fuji Fire Insurance

Akao Co. Ltd.: Holmatro

Amway Corporation, International Audit Service

Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.

Asia Pacific Jurist Conference

Australia Embassy / Australia Consulate: Toyota Motors, Denso

Bayer Yakuhin Ltd.


British American Tobacco: CKSank, Daily Yamazaki, Family Mart, Lawson, Ogilvy, Seven Eleven, Yamato Logistics, SumitomoTrust Bank



Durham County Council / Suginami (Tokyo, Japan) Board of Education

GlaxoSmithKline / Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Gumma Women’s University / Embassy of Bangladesh, Chili Republic, India, Portugal, South Africa

Harvard Law School/Brooklyn Law School/Osaka Univeristy Law School

Hashimoto Limited, UK/ Toyota, Nissan, Honda



International Conference for Environment Technology Transfer

International Conference of Mayors for Peace

International Symposium on the Coastal Zone

JR East Japan: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Kyoto Station Building Co. Ltd.

Japan Neclear Fuel Limited / U.S Department of State, Harvard Kenneday School

Japan Tobacco Industries Co. Ltd. / HAUNI

Japan Printing Association

Lucent Technologies: Cable & Wireless International

Linton Tweed / Mitsukoshi Department Store

Matsushita Electric Industries Co. Ltd. (= Panasonic): ANDOR, AT&T, Compaq,

Headland, IBM, INTEL, LSILogic, National Semiconductor, Solbourne Computer

Max Factor / Revlon

Michael Jackson Japan Tour

Mick Jagger in Japan


Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Ministry of Defense / Royal Air Force, UK

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / National Institute of Technology and Evaluation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Materials for Chemical Weapon and Drug

Control Policy Office

Ministry of Justice , Supreme Court of Japan / Philadelphia Criminal Court

Ministry of Land and Transport / Aeronautical Satellite Centers

Mitsubishi Electric Co. Ltd.: Texas Instruments

Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems, Inc. / Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation

Motorola Groups

New Jersey Medical School: Chiba University, Ehime University, Gifu University,

Kanazawa University, Kyoto University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo University

New York Times / Hanshin Earthquake

Nihon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)

Nichia Corporation / Nichia America Corporation

Nagano Olympic Games / International Broadcasting Center

Nomura Research Institute / Financial Architects nv

Nomura Research Institute / Senjyukai /Zensar

NTT Communications

Osaka Sanso Co. Ltd.: British Oxygen Company and AIRCO

Osaka Business Partner City Symposium

Ogilvy/ British America Tobacco Company

Paramount Pictures / 'Black Rain'

P & G Inc. (America, Japan, UK)



SHARP Cooperation

Shimano Co. Ltd.

Sparrow Japan Co. Ltd.: Hygolet Inc.

Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute / Swedish Road Administration

Tellabs: J-Com

Takenaka Corporation: Pace Entertainment Corporation

The Biannual International Conference on Water Pollution

The America-Japan Anesthesia Congress

The International Display Research Conference

The Dental Shows

The International Society of Blood Purification

The Third Session of the Conference of the Parties to the "United Nations framework

Convention of Climate Changes" (COP3, Kyoto Negotiation)

Toyota Motor Corporation

United Nations International Conference on Aging Population in the Context of the


United States of America, Department of Commerce and other departments

Universal Studio Japan

Uyemura Japan/ Uyemura International

West Australia Ministry of Tourism: Kansai TV, Kobe newspaper, Sankei Newspaper,

Sogo Department Stores

Yoshida Dental Co. Ltd. / Elephant Industries

Zensar / Nonura Soken


Bilingual of Japanese and English

Italian - intermediate

French - daily conversation

Dutch - beginner


Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language

First degree of abacus

Registered interpreter for medical institutions (UK)

Travel tour conductor



Japan Associations of Translators

Roppongi Bar Accosiation

The Japan-British Society


Anglo-Japanese Society, Durham University: A life member

ITI-Japanese network (Association for Japanese and English interpreter and translators)


ITI-North East Region


American Bar Association

Americana Translators Association

Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

Wide range of industries including legal area

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