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English, Japanese
Exhibition visit, Factory visit, Escort, General business meeting, High-level business meeting, M&A negotiation
On-site interpretation, Remote interpretation

From 8:00 to 17:00 or 9:00 to 18:00 with 1 hour lunch break. I will be there 10 minutes before the event start time.

Từ 8:00 đến 17:00 hoặc 9:00 đến 18:00 với 1 tiếng nghỉ trưa. Tôi sẽ có mặt từ 10 phút trước thời gian bắt đầu của sự kiện.

40 USD every 30 minutes after 5:00 p.m., rounded up from the first minute over.

40 USD mỗi 30 phút sau 17:00, làm tròn lên từ phút lố giờ đầu tiên.

This is a sample listing for interpreters. When creating a new interpretation listing, interpreters should note the following points.

1. Listing language:

You should write your listing in the language of your clients. For example, if you often work with American companies, you should write the entire listing in English. You may add your native-language translation at the end of each section if there is still space.

Note: The listing language is different from the interpretation language (see below).

2. Listing title:

You should clearly state the interpretation types, languages, city, and time unit. For example:

English - Vietnamese simultaneous interpretation, half-day (Hanoi)

English-Vietnamese general business meeting interpretation, 1 day (HCMC)

Remember to write in your client’s language!

3. Interpretation languages:

They are the languages for which you can interpret at the fee stated in the listing. You must select at least 2 languages. When you select 3 or more languages, this means you accept to interpret between any language pair for the same interpretation fee.

4. Interpretation fee:

An interpretation listing will have 2 types of fees:

a. The reservation fee is the amount the customer will pay in advance to Freelensia when making a reservation with you.

b. The fee to be paid at the event (event fee) is the amount the customer will pay you at or after the event (depending on the agreement between the two parties). You set your own event fee, and the system will automatically divide it by 10 to calculate the reservation fee. Note that this ratio is always 10:1.

Note: Fees at Freelensia are official and fixed. For example, when you have set a fee of 200 USD + 20 USD for general-business-meeting, 1 day Japanese - Vietnamese interpretation, then all clients interested in this service of yours will be applied this same fee, regardless of the nature of the event or the identity of the client. During communication with a specific client, you can tell him/her via chat that you will discount the event fee if the event is short or simple, but the reservation fee will not change. You also cannot increase the event fee over the listed rate.

At Freelensia, fees are listed in USD. You and the client agree on the payment schedule, currency and exchange rate for the event fee when discussing a specific event.

Note: For expenses not related to interpretation, such as meals, accommodation, transportation, etc. You should explain in the detailed description section of the listing.

5. Working hours & Overtime rules:

Please refer to the way these 2 fields are written in this listing.

6. Interpretation type:

Please only tick the box for the interpretation types you are confident you can provide, and they must have the same fee as listed. If you have different fees for different types of interpretation, please create different listings.

7. Location:

Please enter the city where you will conduct interpretation services. Please do not enter a district or ward as it may cause your listing to not be displayed when clients search by city. You can type in any language. Google Maps will automatically recognize after you type and press the "Tab" key.

You can also create additional listings for other cities for high-value interpretation types (like simultaneous interpretation). Remember to clearly state the costs of meals, transportation, accommodation, etc. in the detailed description section!

8. Photos:

You can upload your portrait and working photos. Please use only professional photos (polite attire, no photos of unrelated people). Photos must be from public events or with previous client's permission.

9. Detailed description:

✅ You should explain other expenses such as meals, accommodation, transportation, etc.

✅ You should write in 2 languages.

✅ Can you introduce a little more about your post.

❌ You should not rewrite the self-introduction content that is already in your interpreter profile.

❌ You are not allowed to say “interpretation fees ranging from... to... depending on the event (see the Interpretation fee section above)

The following is a sample of detailed descriptions for your convenience.

Hello, My name is Minh.

The amount stated in this post is the 1-day interpretation fee for general business meetings, factory and exhibition tours, etc. Please see my other posts for other types of interpretation and pricing.

Xin chào, Tên tôi là Minh.

Số tiền được ghi trong bài đăng này là mức phí phiên dịch 1 ngày cho các cuộc họp kinh doanh nói chung, các chuyến tham quan nhà máy và triển lãm, v.v. Vui lòng xem các bài đăng khác của tôi để biết các loại hình phiên dịch và mức giá khác.

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