Advanced Meeting Interpreter in Shanghai (One Day)

Fee to pay at event (USD): 800
Listing language: English
Interpretation languages:
Brazilian Portuguese
Interpretation types:
Tour guide
Booth attendance
Exhibition visit
Factory visit
General business meeting
High-level business meeting
M&A negotiation
Police interrogation
Court hearing
Medical visit
Courtesy visit
Consecutive-interpretation seminar
Real-time (1 of 2 persons)
Real-time (1 person covers all)
Real-time assistant
On-site interpretation
Remote interpretation
Educational experience: BA
List of past interpretation jobs: Chemical & Healthcare Sector: Roche Diagnostics AACC Peer Xchange ,Chicago,2018/08/02 Formosa Group PHA and Hazop Workshop by IHS Global, 2014年9月-11月Ningbo,Kunshan China Gas and Oil Forum, Xi'An,2013 Applied Materials Summit,Shanghai,related to solar panel and new renewable energy ,2011 ATLAS Weathering Test Acceleration Tech Summit,2017/11/09,Shanghai Heraeus PV Summit, 2011 UBS Chemical China Supplier Screening Meeting.On­site meeting interpreter for Indian management team while visiting Chinese suppliers.Shanghai,Nanjing,2010. World Urban Forum, renewable and sustainable development,Nanjing 2008 ● FCPA Investigation Review of Pfizer at Skadden International law firm,2012 ● Progesterone API OPI ,Mckinsey Corp,2017 ● JCI Accreditation interpreter in Wuhai Maternity and Child care hospital, 2012 ● JCI Accreditation Interpreter in Nanjing Plastic Surgery Hospital,2012 ● Abott.On­site company annual meeting.Sanya city, 2009. ● Fortimedex company. Shanghai Medec Exhibitor’s Interpreter, assisting CEO in medical devices presentation to visitors.2006,2008,2009,Shanghai. ● US Hygienna.CEO conference interpreter while meeting with Chinese suppliers for food security testing equipments.2009, Shanghai. ● Norvatis Pharmacy Group Meeting at Shanghai Dongfang International Hospital.Shanghai,2010. ● Skane Care Presentation at Swedish Pavilion,Shanghai,2010. ● LabCORP. Interpreter for the vice president discussing Joint venture structure and business expansion strategy in China with China local lab company,Shanghai, Hangzhou,2009. ● ConAgra Food. Interpreter for qualified packaging supplier screening meeting.Shanghai,2006. ● GSK Valuation Assurance Team Review,Shanghai,Hangzhou (July 16-July 27th,2018 ● ACI 3rd China Import Trade Compliance Summit,Shanghai 2014 ● Novartis GMP and QMS Workshop,Hangzhou,Jan 15­19 2014 Bain Capital Anti­corruption Forum,Shanghai 2013 ● Faslodex Zoladex Investigator Meeting about (by Quentiles and Astazeneca) Shanghai,2013 ● Apex Asia, Educational Seminar Shanghai 2013 ● Anti­corruption Shanghai Summit,June 18­19,2013 ● BAXTER BAX855 Investigator meeting for Hemophilia treatment June 1st ,Thailand,2013 ● Norvartis ALOE Workshop 2 on GMP and QMS training session ,May 22­May 30th,Hangzhou, 2013 ● Investigator's meeting (Active Biotech)on Prostate Cancer ,2012 ● BD WH&C Cervical Cytology Training Session,Shanghai,2011 ● PhIA 2011 Generics Drug Innovation Summit,Shanghai,2011 ● Trace International Anti­bribery and corruption Congress in Shanghai,2011 ● Huashan Hospital Clinical Trial Training Session,Shanghai,2011 ● C919 COMAC JDP Work Progess Report meeting,Shanghai,2011 ● IDEO Food Interview Meeting in Shanghai,Hangzhou,2011 ● Lafarge Distributor Press Conference. SI for talk about “Opportunities and Challenges in China: distributing cement, aggregate, and gypsum products”. Shanghai, 2010. ● Larfarge and Paris­Belleville Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture joint event on Affordable Housing and Sustainable cities. SI for the workshops and panel meetings. Attendance:500. Shanghai, 2010. ● Across Investigator Conference, Nycomed Spirometry Training session. SI, 2011 ● Eurogate Terminal Group Roadshow in Shanghai,2011 ● ILTS International Liver Transplantation Conference.Shanghai,2010. ● GE Mammography Unit Congress.SI,2010. ● Shanghai Finance Outsourcing Collaboration now. Interpreter for GE capital and United Bank of Switzerland,2010. ● Countermeasures on Subprime Mortgage Crisis. SI for Prof. Robert Mundell’s speech with 600 people in attendance. Nanjing University, December, 2008. ● MCI Event company.SI for workshop sessions for Tongji Designing Institute.2010. ● Steel Industry Summit. SI for talks about sales and marketing during financial crisis. Attendance: 400p. Shanghai, 2009. Finance and Investment Sector: ● American law firm Arguedas Cassman&Headley Investigation Interview on MessageSoft China in terms of tax evasion charge,Hong Kong,2012 ● PCAOB Audit on E&Y firm in Hong Kong in regard of well-known internet company listed in US stock market,2017 ● Sino­US Capital Group.Interpreter for hospital M&A negotiation and investment projects, 2010,Shanghai. ● AIA Insurance company. President interpreter for during a speech about insurance at Shanghai Finance and Economic University.Attendance:500p.2007. ● ING Asia. Meeting Interpreter for President while setting up WOFE office in   Hong Kong with its Chinese partner and real estate investment plan­making in China.Shanghai,2008. ● Sheraton Capital LTD. Interpreter for President during meeting with Pudong Municipal government on Shanghai Tower investment by introducing Baccarat Crystal hotel into the tower.2008, Shanghai. ● interpreter for real estate financing project.Shanghai, 2009. ● (OVERSEAS)Shanghai Gammastar Medical Group Company. President Chief Interpreter in Dubai and Cairo Rep office. Egypt and UAE for wholly investment plans for tumor centers, 2007­-2008. ● The 8th ARJ21 Programme System Supplier Annual Meeting,2012 ● Ushi Social Networking and Talent Management Summit,Shanghai,2012 Machinery Sector: ● Shanghai International Piling and Deep Foundation Summit,2011 ● Columbus Mkinnon Quality Function Review, in house marketing survey about hoist feedback from the client in the entertainment industry,2017 ● Morgan Stanley invested company (Breitenfeld). On site technical interpreter for negotiations between Managing Director and Chinese buyer. Shanghai, Jiangyin and Wuxi, June, 2010. ● ECA2 event company.On­site interpreter for American and European project teams including project design, implementation, and operation of mobile fountain project associated with the Expo opening ceremony. Shanghai, April­May, 2010 ● USA Seal Lock company. On­site interpreter for negotiations between client and Chinese factory.Shanghai, 2007. ● (India)Shanghai Nijie Logistics Shipping Company. On­site interpretation in India for large industrial equipment inspection at Paradip port. Sep, 2009. ● American National Energy Co., Ltd. On­site inspection and quality­ assurance meetings interpretation between the client and Chinese tube factory. Shanghai , 2007. ● Shanghai Shijie Electronics, Ltd. Interpreter for meeting with OEM company, a components supplier for NASA in the US. Shanghai, 2009. ● MASTOR MERFAA Engineering Company (Saudi Arabia company). Interpretation for purchasing and contract negotiations with factories in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces, 2004­2005. Shanghai Expo Participant Country Summit. SI for meetings about pavilion construction, operation, deliverables, and services, Attendance: 1000. Shanghai, 2008 ● Singapore AP Communications. Sanya Annual meeting SI for Pharmacy company Abott.2009 ● China Travel Innovation Summit. Simultaneous Interpretation for audience of 400 people. Shanghai,May 12­13, 2009 IT and Electronics: ● HP Consumer Partner Summit,Seoul ,2014 ● Huawei LTE 4G Summit Nanjing,2014 ● LSI IPR Investigation Meeting in Qingdao,Shandong,2014 ZTE Limited company,CMMI 3 Pre­appraisal,Shanghai, Nanjing,2011 ● Lafarge. Media Director on­site interpreter for promotion at French pavilion of Shanghai expo.2010. Dmg world media. SI for” Digital Marketing”conference.Beijing,Nov,2009 ● Beijing Softtech Development Company. SI for Lead Appraiser and authorized observer during CMMI Maturity 2 evaluation, Tianjing, 2010. ● EF(Nanchang). On­site Business English training session interpreter for Jiangling Import &Export Co.,Ltd and Huawei Technologies.Nanchang,2002­2003. ● ABB.On­site trainer's interpreter at Project Management training session offered by ESI.Shanghai,2006. ● QAI Global.Training session interpreter for gold testing team at Sungard company,Shanghai,2010. ● Shanghai Nineyou IT Co.,Ltd. Overseas Conference Interpreter during US game project development and operation.Shanghai,2006­2007. ● Group 1 Software. Press conference interpreter at new CRM product launch. Shanghai,2006. ● Porsche China GM Leadership and Management Training Session,2011 ● Infosys Technology Ltd Foundation Laying Ceremony,2011
Specialized industries: Life Science,pharmaceuticals,IT
Interpreter age: 36
Interpreter gender: Male
Interpreter nationality: Chinese
HSK level of interpreter (written): Level 6
HSK Level of interpreter (oral): Advanced
Years of interpretation experience: 10
Years lived in foreign countries where interpretation language is used: 4.0
Hobby: Sports

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