English<>Russian Conference Interpretation Services, Full day

Fee to pay at event (USD): 400
Listing language: English
Interpretation languages:
Brazilian Portuguese
Interpretation types:
Tour guide
Booth attendance
Exhibition visit
Factory visit
General business meeting
High-level business meeting
M&A negotiation
Police interrogation
Court hearing
Medical visit
Courtesy visit
Consecutive-interpretation seminar
Real-time (1 of 2 persons)
Real-time (1 person covers all)
Real-time assistant
On-site interpretation
Remote interpretation
Educational experience: 1996 – 2001 Kurgan State University (Kurgan, Russia), Faculty: Foreign Philology (English - major, German). Diploma with distinctions.
Work experience: Since 2002 till 2015: Interpreter, translator, journalist, investment projects manager, consultant in various public and private agencies. From 2015 - Freelance Interpreter.
List of past interpretation jobs: Examples of freelancing projects in 2017 - 2019: • Workshop on TDR program (UNICEF, UNDP, World bank, WHO) for research to tackle the Antimicrobial Resistance. Simultaneous interpreting. • World bank, International Academy of Management and Technology (INTAMT) (Germany), Kazakhstan Ministry of Healthcare. Visits of obstetrician and neonotological facilities for development of tools on implementing Clinical Guidelines on healthcare delivery to pregnant women, women in labor, new mothers and newborns. Consecutive interpreting. • European Management Solutions (Germany), Kazakhstan Ministry of Justice. Visits of experts for drafting the strategy for private enforcement system. Consecutive interpreting. • UNICEF and Kazakhstan National Centre for Mental Health. Partners’ meeting: "Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Towards Implementing Effective Responses Building on Experiences to Date". Simultaneous interpreting. • UNICEF, Public Healthcare Department of Almaty. Training for Trainers "Efficient training methods on adolescence health issues". Consecutive interpreting. • Municipality of Almaty city. Presentation of the road map "Public wellbeing system for children with disabilities". Consecutive interpreting. • Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in the RoK and PRI (Penal Reform International). Final presentation of research works under Capstone Project on human rights. Simultaneous interpreting. • 1st International congress of Association of ophthalmologists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Consecutive interpreting. • Mayapur Institute (Mayapur, India). Simultaneous and consecutive translation of lectures and trainings hosted by the Institute. • USAID. Evaluation of the USAID/Central Asia HIV Flagship Project. Consecutive interpreting. • Global Health Research Centre of Central Asia and Columbia University. Training: A Health Promotion Program for MSM in Kazakhstan: Networks, Media and Social Marketing. Consecutive interpreting. • Penal Reform International, European Union. Workshop "Supporting Judicial Reform in Kazakhstan: enhancing the capacity of civil society organizations to improve access to justice for vulnerable groups of convicted persons". Consecutive interpreting. • Penal Reform International. Training: Empowering of CSOs to improve access to justice for vulnerable groups in Kazakhstan. Consecutive interpreting. • UNICEF. The 1st International conference: Promotion of mental health among children and adolescences. Simultaneous interpreting. • Global Health Research Centre of Central Asia and Columbia University. Training on BRIDGE project: Improving the access to HIV testing and treatment for PWID. Consecutive interpreting. • Global Health Research Centre of Central Asia and Columbia University. Training on UNI project - Involvement of MSM in risk in HIV treatment continuum in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Consecutive interpreting. • Penal Reform International. Training: "Introduction to complaint and death in detention investigation". Consecutive interpreting. • Ahmad Tea, Ltd (London). Training for trade representatives, distributors and mass media. Main topics: tea production, art of tasting and promotion. Consecutive interpreting. • Central Asian International Mining Exhibition. Presentation of Duratray company (Australia). Topics: dump bodies for mining and quarry haul trucks. Consecutive interpreting. • HomeoPet, LLC (USA), Kazakh National Medical University. Negotiations on biological, homeopathy and pharmaceutical researches. Consecutive interpreting. • Islamic bank "Al Hilal", JSC (Almaty). Opening ceremony of the bank's affiliate. Consecutive interpreting. • UNICEF, Penal Reform International jointly with the Kazakhstan Ombudsman (Commissioner for Human Rights). Training for the monitoring group of childcare penitentiary / correctional facilities of Kazakhstan. Simultaneous interpreting. • New York Film Academy (USA). Master classes on screenwriting and film production. Consecutive interpreting. • Diamond Cutter Institute (USA). Training "Talent and Purpose". Consecutive interpreting. • Griba Baumshule (Italy). Company presentation at the exhibition. Topics: design, arrangement and management of tree nurseries and orchards. Consecutive interpreting. • Scientific Centre for Anti-infectious drugs, JSC (Almaty). Meetings and presentations of the lab medications. Topics: pre-clinical trials of anti-infectious drugs. Consecutive interpreting. • Technologies Systems SpA (Italy). Company presentation at the exhibition. Topic: Electric equipment. Consecutive interpreting. • Port of Haminakotka. Company presentation at the exhibition. Topic: sea transport logistics, infrastructure. Consecutive interpreting. • Steering committee for Universiade -2017. Visits of FISU members for the inspection of sport facilities in Almaty. Consecutive interpreting. • InterForumAlmaty workshop "Leadership, innovations in HR". Consecutive interpreting. • Dubai Exports, Department of economic development of Dubai government. Presentation at the exhibition. Consecutive interpreting. • Workshop of Geshe Michael Roach "Success inside - success outside" . Topics: self-actualization, personal growth, setting and achieving objectives.
Specialized industries: Medicine, Law, Economics, Finance, Trade, Psychology, Construction, Urban development, Ecology,
Interpreter age: 40
Interpreter gender: Female
Interpreter nationality: Others
Years of interpretation experience: 17
Years lived in foreign countries where interpretation language is used: 1.0

I am pleased to offer the conference/simultaneous interpreting services. Bachelors' degrees in Linguistics (with the major in English language and literature) and Economics serve as a solid academic foundation for an in-depth knowledge of language nuances. Another strength I would like to offer is the seventeen years' experience in provision of language-related services as an interpreter, translator, proofreader, editor, investment project consultant and language instructor. I have an extensive experience in working in and for the government, private sector and international institutions, like UN, UNICEF, WHO, UNAIDS, UNDP, etc., involving provision of in-house and outsourced translation and interpretation consecutive and simultaneous services.

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