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2017.10-Now English Japanese Cantonese Mandarin Freelance Interpreter Translator and Host

Job overview: Through the translation company to undertake national translation and host large-scale conferences, assist customers of Guangzhou tourism or explore trade opportunities, translate with large-scale tourism and trade exhibitions, help foreign customers to negotiate trade, negotiate and coordinate with Chinese manufacturers for trade business.

working performance:

Canton Fair translation: Lead Australian customers to participate in the Canton Fair, the content involves Zhejiang outdoor kitchenware manufacturers and factories search, outdoor small stove equipment procurement negotiation, and responsible for the implementation of orders, batch design and production of the whole process, won high praise from foreign customers.

Shanghai Fair exhibition: Lead American customers to participate in the Shanghai Fair exhibition, which involves cooperative LED lighting factory visit and assembly line operation explanation.

Overseas resident work: I have worked in ——Fiji, a English-speaking country nearby Australia, for nearly half a year.

Large-scale conferences and host: Miss Universe Tourism Competition, China-Japan Urban Development Conference, the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties of Guangzhou International Friendship City and other large-scale conferences and activities.

Meeting negotiation: ODM, OEM factory commissioned processing negotiation.

consecutive interpretation: responsible for the alternate translation of all kinds of conferences and competitions, such as the on-site alternate translation of Miss Universe 2019, with a total work of up to 20 hours and 100 times + perfect communication.

High-end reception: Responsible for the communication between relevant directors of departments and researchers of the Shenzhen government during the epidemic prevention period, including daily English communication, personnel arrangement, etc., and perfectly cooperate with the epidemic prevention work within 2 months to ensure the accurate communication of the concept.

Conference hosting: Responsible for the on-site hosting of the conference to ensure the fluency and cohesion of the conference site. For example, independently hosting the 100-person venue of A-STREAM Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Competition, providing translation for 20 entrepreneurs' speeches for up to 5 hours to ensure the perfect conclusion of the conference.

2013.09-2017.09 Japan All Nippon Airline Ground Staff

Company profile: Five-star Airlines, a member of the Star Alliance, is known for its professional quality service dedicated to providing the best flight service for business travelers.

Work Overview: Responsible for customer reception and airport reception, using English and Japanese communication, annually total of 4,500 people + translation and, winning 85% of the passengers praise.

Japanese / English reception: Responsible for providing boarding escort services for fortune 500 executives and government officials, including but not limited to English and Japanese.

Crisis management: accept the training of airlines to deal with emergencies, solve problems quickly when problems occur, and ensure that the crisis is 0.

Work harvest: Working in the airline company, I have mastered the VIP or above customer service experience, cultivated good professional quality, and laid a solid foundation for the business reception

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