English-Vietnamese consecutive interpreter in HCMC (half day)


英语, 越南语
出席展位, 参观展会, 参观工厂, 护航舰, 一般商务会议, 高级商务会议, 并购谈判, 警察, 法庭, 交替传译研讨会, MC, 同声传译(2人之1)
Bachelor's degree In Marketing
Consecutive/ Simultaneous Interpretation, Bilingual MC, Documents translation.

Consecutive/ Simultaneous Interpretation and Bilingual (English) MC

- Recurrent Clients: Sanofi, Massan Meat Life, Auscham, Cushman & Wakefield, VCCI, CESO-SACO, Montessorri Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, Unilever Vietnam, VISA Solutions, Lang Van Production, Witkow & Baskin Law, Adam Khoo Education, VASEP, Essence Vietnam, Dibi Milano, ViNa Medical, Abbott, Morison, etc.

- Industry: Business, Trades, Real Estate & Properties, Immigration, Software and Application, Technology, Glass manufacturing, Beauty and cosmetic, Lifestyle, Psychology, Music, Art, General healthcare, Aquaculture, Meat production and livestock agriculture.

- Events: Professional meetings and conferences, Audit interview, Developmental/Psychology courses, Training, Coaching, Deposition, Trade fairs, etc.

Highlights of recurrent clients:

Medical fields:

- ViNa Medical: Business meeting interpretation with potential medical equipment manufacturers/traders at several medical fairs to explore trading opportunities. Jobs including consecutively interpreting casual conversations and details of apparatuses, translating commercial brochures of prospective business partners.

- Sanofi: Working with audit team to process/translate documents including, contracts, legal forms, invoices, agendas, meeting minutes of scientific conferences, presentations of doctors at those conferences, websites, and other digital materials. Consecutively interpreting for conference calls or face to face interview with local staffs.

Training/Coaching courses:

- VCCI, CESO-SACO: Consecutively interpreting for speakers and local students. Working on vast content including HR management, Time management, Strategic Planning, Performance management, Innovation management ect.

- Essence Vietnam: Psychology/Developmental course, consecutively interpreting/communicating between speakers and students. Addressing the tone of the conversation and working a lot with multi-meaning/multi-layer words and concepts.

Business, Management, Trades, Finance and Banking, Immigration, Software and Application, Technology, Glass manufacturing, Beauty and cosmetic, Psychology, Music, Art, General healthcare.


英语, 越南语
护航舰, 一般的商务会议, 交替传译研讨会

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