I have been working as a freelance consecutive, simultaneous and chuchotage interpreter for 10 years. During these years I have interpreted at the governmental level (Governmental Forum Korea-Russian Dialogue Saint-Petersburg, Chamber of Commerce, FIFA, Parliamentary Conference on the WTO etc.), at the private entrepreneurial level (Sveza, Samsung, Hyundai, Renault Trucks) on different topics. I work with people from different countries and industrial areas. I developed skills in interpretation and translation on different topics: business, trade, shipping, oil and gas, energy, automotive spare parts, agricultural machine equipment, steel manufacturing and processing, cosmetics, household chemicals, medical equipment, medical service, computer games, sports etc.

Apart from interpretation in a strict sense I coordinate the process and B2B meetings, prior analysing specific market and target customers.

English, Korean, Russian
Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Factory visit, General business meeting, High-level business meeting, Medical, Consecutive-interpretation seminar, Real-time (1 of 2 persons), Real-time (1 person covers all)
Saint-Petersburg University, BA in Korean philology, Russia (2010), Seoul National University, Korean Language practice, South Korea (2008-2009), Korea University, MA in International Relations and Political Science, South Korea (2015)
Eleven-years' experience in English, Russian, Korean and Lithuanian consecutive and simultaneous interpretation

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Asan Medical Centre


Energy Agency, Ltd.

Ecohim, Ltd.

Keseco Co., Ltd

Cosmotor Corp. Co., Ltd


B.K. Corporation, Ltd

Daewoo, Ltd

Ferrit, Ltd

Torgovy Alliance, Ltd.

WOO showroom

Donghae Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Hyundai Heavy Industries, Retailer

Intiver, Ltd

The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Korea, Republic of

Governmental Forum Korea-Russian Dialogue



Hyunday Heavy Industries

Renault Trucks

“Drom” Association

FIFA, 2018

Parliamentarian Conference on WTO

Politics, business, economy, medicine, film industry, art, sports, technology, energy, oil and gas etc.
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