Bao Linh

Bao Linh
Bao Linh
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

First and foremost, I majored in Business English in Banking University of HCMC and finished the curriculum in the end of 20 16. Since then, I have full-time worked for Educational Organizations both internationally and nationally as an IELTS teaching trainer and a teacher, namely Wall Street English, and IELTS Fighter (IMAP Vietnam Education & Training) for approximately 6 years. Besides, I worked part-time as an Escort Interpreter and a Translator during a nearly 10-year period. I also had experience working as an Assistant to a Vietnamese Directing Manager at a start-up Company called Taisei located in Thu Duc District, HCMC for 6 months.

I am extremely interested in interpreter's occupation and finding a chance to consecutive interpreting and eventually being a professional simultaneous interpreter in 3 years in Business and Educational areas.

Regarding my language qualifications, I took the IELTS Test 3 years ago with band 7.0 in speaking and 6.5 in listening. Currently, I know I can do better than that and I'm self-studying day by day to improve my English and Vietnamese interpreting skills. I was also preparing for N4 level (I got N5 level already) - the Japanese Language Proficiency Test - about 6 years ago, but I have not used it since then, so I forgot almost everything. However, if any project requires for basic Japanese communication, I will do my best to reinforce my knowledge.

Last but not least, I am absolutely willing to work far from home for weeks, both domestically and abroad.

English, Vietnamese
Tour guide, PG, Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Factory visit, Escort, General business meeting, Consecutive-interpretation seminar, MC
Teaching IELTS and communication English, Teacher Trainer
Education and Business

1. VIFA EXPO 20 23 - Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair - 03/20 23 in 4 days

● Interpret negotiations between 4 Indian representatives of an Interior Furniture Company based in India and Vietnamese end clients or owners from different companies sourcing the merchandise in Vietnam or overseas markets.

● Approach local customers and sell all products displayed to save budget of transporting them back to India.

● Work with Fair Organizers and Express Delivery Company to facilitate the process of selling products.

2. KINH DO LIMITED COMPANY - 12/20 22 in a week

● Act as an interpreter between a Vietnamese CEO and their counterpart in a negotiation for exclusive distribution of shrimp products;

● Translate quotation and contracts.

3. KOREAN RED GINSENG COMPANY – 10/20 22 in 2 days

● Act as an interpreter between the Manager and their Supplier in a representation for the origin, quality, and price of different types of ginseng roots and red ginseng extracts.

4. KOREAN RED GINSENG COMPANY – 10/20 22 in 2 days

● Interpret conversations between family members of the Manager and their Supplier in a trip to Da Nang to cement and strengthen their relationship.



● Act as an interpreter between foreign residents and the Management Office or local services.

Education and Business

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