M&A Forum 2019 – “Going for Breakthrough” in the M&A Field in Vietnam

By Site Admin | Aug 23, 2019
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Vietnam M&A Forum 2019, the biggest M&A and investment networking annual event in Vietnam, has ended on the 6th of August with more open discussions about valuation, brand management, and post-merger and acquisition management. With the title of “Going for Breakthrough”, this event held by AVM Vietnam and Vietnam Investment Review (VIR), conversed about the major elements in order to change and bring about a breakthrough in 2019 and more.

M&A Forum 2019 attracted over 500 experts and business directors took place in GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh City on 6th August 2019. This annual event is most concerned by many businessman and investors since M&A activities have become an important source of funds for domestic firms and the economy within the country for the past 10 years. At the 2014-2017 period, the market size of M&A Vietnam is about 5 billion USD. At 2017-2019, the number is about $7 billion US. In 2018, most countries in Southeast Asia decrease in the M&A value and Vietnam ranks second in it. However, experts said that to push the market to a new level, it still waits for big business deals as well as a stronger movement from the government.

This year's forum focused on evaluation, analysis and finding solutions to improve the legal framework for M&A operations. The discussions conveyed ensuring that the M&A market develops smoothly, on the other hand limiting the negative impacts of the M&A trade. At the same time, the forum will contribute to promoting the development and creating a new turning point in Vietnam. However, besides the advantages, there are still some challenges faced by the external as well as internal factors in Vietnam’s economy. Therefore, it is required to have a strong determination and change in order to further improve the investment-business environment in the M&A field.

Being the biggest annual event of M&A activities, many foreign guests were invited to publicly discussed key issues and further improving movements. As a result, it is also gathered with hundreds of talented and devoted interpreters and translators which are one of the main contributors to the success of the event. The delivered interpretation was simultaneous interpreting, also known as real-time or cabin interpreting, is the most difficult interpretation type (please see major types of interpretation services here). It requires high mental-processing ability and the utmost attention to the speaker’s speech. For the audiences to understand smoothly and capture all important points in the speaker’s speech, interpreters have to work intensely during the event.

Here are two interpretation excerpts from the M&A Forum 2019. In these videos, readers can understand better how simultaneous interpretation is performed.



(Vietnamese – English simultaneous interpretation of Mr. Dominic Scriven's speech during Vietnam M&A Forum 2019)



(English – Vietnamese simultaneous interpretation of Mr. Masahiro Kotaka's speech during Vietnam M&A Forum 2019)


M&A activities in Vietnam has been increasing and developing for the last 10 years and continue to expand more in the future with the help of the M&A Forum annual event. Interpreters and translators are one of the most essential elements which cannot be overlooked in these kinds of events. The event host needs to find experienced and suitable interpreters in order to conduct the event successfully. Please click here to read our latest blog on How to reserve a reliable and affordable interpreter for your business meeting, exhibition or seminar.

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