Top 11 fascinating tools for Startups to take advantage of

By Site Admin | Jan 17, 2019
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In this article, Freelensia introduces some of the tools that can help start-ups and new entrepreneurs save costs and work more efficiently. When you register using Freelensia’s referral link, you will receive a bonus from the service suppliers and Freelensia will also receive a reward. Therefore, please share this post with your friends and family so we can all benefit from the rewards.

In order to register using Freelensia’s referral link, please click on the link we provided under each photo of the respective service.

A small tip to be able to use your free accounts past its expiry dates: when your free account or extra points expire from using Freelensia’s referral link you can register for a new account by using another email and keep using our referral link! As a result, you will always own your free account and rewards.


1. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is another product from Zoho Corporation and is a direct competitor to Google Docs. It essentially has all the features of Google Docs plus more, such as pulling data from Zoho Sheets into a Zoho Docs to execute a Mail Merge or mass document creation. You start with 25 free users (5GB of storage per users) and once again, will receive 5 new users by clicking our link above.


2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the world’s most used marketing e-mail service. If you use our referral link you will get 30 USD worth of Monkey Rewards, this will apply when you buy Mailchimp services.


3. Airbnb

Business trips are one of the necessary activities when you run your business. Instead of booking a hotel with high costs, you and your staff can choose to stay in a cozy house with Airbnb. You will have $15 bonus the first time you book an Airbnb and up to $80 for the first time you rent out your room or house on Airbnb.


4. PostCron  

PostCron is an automated posting software which supports posting your threads on social media. PostCron will help you automate posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. By registering with Freelensia’s link, you will have a free month’s trial of the MEGA package (it includes being able to post the same content in 10 different channels, team work and many other activities). Please use a dummy Gmail account or Twitter account to sign up. Input your card information to get the free month (it will not be charged). After that, cancel immediately and you will still be able to use your account until the end of the month. Once the month is over, sign up using another email with our referral link and enjoy your free account forever!

Note: In order to use multiple Gmail/ Twitter accounts in the same internet browser, you can use SessionBox.


5. Publer

Similar to PostCron, Publer allows you to post your content to many different channels, including Facebook Groups. In addition, this tool is in the testing stage, so it is 100% free. Take your chance to sign up to this platform before the free testing stage expires!


6. Payoneer

Have you ever heard of Stripe - the online payment platform that has recently become extremely popular in the Startup community and expects to take Paypal’s position in the market? If you don’t know about Stripe and Paypal, please skip this proposal. However, if you know about Stripe and want to use this service for your website, you will notice that Stripe does not accept bank accounts in some developing countries, such as Vietnam (put your email account here to receive an announcement when Stripe officially enters a country). So, what should we do?

The answer is Payoneer. Payoneer is another online payment platform. The main feature of Payoneer is that you can register your bank account in almost any country, Payoneer will give you a fictitious bank account in that country. After that, you can use this account to register with Stripe. It creates a payment chain for your website from: Stripe > Payoneer > Local bank account. In addition, Payoneer is one of the platforms that many websites use for money transfers, so it is very convenient for freelancers. When using Freelensia’s referral link above, you will receive a $25 bonus into your Payoneer account whenever you accumulate $1000 income from online activities.


7. Transferwise

Another online payment platform to familiarize yourself with is Transferwise. Transferwise was built on the belief that sending and transferring money should be low-cost and fair, it should be easy and stress-free and it should be fast. All these qualities that Transferwise possesses ensures that this is another perfect tool for startups. So, if you need to receive money from an international client or you need to pay rent for your local offices, Transferwise can do both- and more- without having to pay ludicrous amounts in bank fees. Sign up today by clicking on the image to access our referral link and you’ll be able to make a free transfer of up to 500 GBP.


8. Windscribe

When you run your startup, you need to protect your private information from internet administrators, authorities as well as competitors. Moreover, sometimes you also need to use IP addresses from America, Japan, France, etc. in order to access competitor websites, or you have to create an online banking account in foreign country which you cannot do with a local IP. With Windscribe, you will have 2GB/month free account for private Internet access and IP change. If you use our referral link, you will have gained another 1GB/month free.


9. Dropbox

We are sure that many of you already have a Dropbox account. However, if you don’t, why not try this cloud storage service that has the most number of users in the world? You will gain 500MB additional free space when you sign up with Freelensia’s referral link. And among the top 3 storage space providers, Dropbox is the only one that offers the file request feature.


10. OneDrive

Similar to Dropbox, you will gain another 500MB when registering for Microsoft OneDrive with Freelensia’s link. OneDrive has more potential than Dropbox, as this service integrates the online editing function for Microsoft Office files. Freelensia recently switched from Dropbox to OneDrive because co-authoring with Microsoft Office desktop works flawlessly. We still use Dropbox and Google Drive from time to time, but OneDrive definitely has an edge.


11. Trello

Trello is an online task management software (similar to Asana). You will have one free month using the Trello Gold package (there is also the lifetime free Trello package available for you, if you don’t want to use gold package after the free month).

If you have other amazing tools that help start-ups, or if you recognize any mistakes in the content of this article, please share with us by commenting below. We appreciate your contribution.

As a business, especially a startup, it is also crucial that you are fully aware of our country’s future economic conditions. Please visit our blog article to catch a glimpse of the possible obstacles facing Vietnam economy in the future.

We wish you and your business many great successes!


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