Why Should You Use a Platform To Reserve Interpreters?

By Site Admin | May 14, 2019
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As your business is expanding, you might start interacting with people and companies from different nations. Nowadays, innovation in technology has solved language barriers within local and international firms.

In this article, we would like to give you 4 reasons why you should use a platform to reserve interpreters instead of going through an interpretation agency.


1. Public and stable interpretation fees


If you reserve interpreter through an agency, the fee is not publicly listed and is only provided by the agent. As on some interpreter online platforms, interpreter's profile and fees are public and do not change over time. Moreover, similar to other marketplaces, you might have the chance to ask for a discount by negotiating with several interpreters on the platform at once. Please visit our listing page for more details.


2. Backup interpreter


An online platform should hold thousand of interpreter members, so in case of emergency, there is always chance to have a backup interpreter to cover for your event. Also note that, you will always be protected by the marketplace’s terms of use. In particular, for the case the interpreter can only cancel if he/she can provide with proof of extenuating circumstances (such as sickness, accident, funeral, flight delays, etc.), otherwise, there might be penalty for his/her account.


3. Live chat support

Some websites provide live chat support during event. For example, Freelensia provides live chat service to the interpreter when encountering vocabularies difficulties during the event as well as provide planning guide in advance so the interpreter can prepare best for your event.


4. Mutual rating system

There is always a mutual rating system in a marketplace that has two-side members. You can rate, write a public review and private feedback on how the interpreter performed in the event. Previous feedbacks of other clients on the interpreter's profile page will also help you easier decide whether to reserve the interpreter or not.

With the increased demand for interpreters on the rise, having an all-inclusive software for language service providers can help your company put time and resources into the right places to grow effectively and continue to provide high-quality language services.


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