Karen (Jialian)

Karen (Jialian)
Karen (Jialian)
Osaka pref. Japan

More than 20 years of English-Japanese conference interpreting. Born and raised in Japan overseas Chinese.

Native level of American English and Japanese native.

Love interpreting and serving the client to facilitate stakeholders benefit.

English, Japanese
Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Escort, General business meeting, High-level business meeting, M&A negotiation, Medical, Consecutive-interpretation seminar, Real-time (1 of 2 persons), Real-time (1 person covers all)
Completion high school in US as an exchange student. College graduate. graduate from simultaneous interpretation institue.
Working as an English announcer at Osaka international Airport. English teacher. Simultaneous interpreter.

Karen Sugawa(Lu Jia Lian)’s CV

*indicates the engagement related to the pharmacy and mecdicine

*indicates simultaneous interpretation

*indicates auto related industries

Overseas assignments

Legal assignments


Immigration officer’s interview at Osaka prison 1/20

Pretalk interview of music conductor “ Alan Buribayev “at a concert with Century Symphony Orchestra 138th periodic concert

 (Osaka Symphony Hall)

* 1st National Working Group Meeting for Sub-global Assesment of Satoyama at Kyoto University

Satoumi in Japan by United Nations Univ Inst. of Advanced Studies

* The seminar on The European Association Market and How Japan(Kansai)

 Can Stay Competitive

The Special Lecture of Dr. Erik Peper , the Health Education Department in San Francicso State Univ. Institute for Holistic Health Studies. with Dr Shigeaki

Hinohara at the 4th special lecture of Japan Medical Welfare Information of Behavioral Science in Konan Womens Univ. 3/15

Seattles Best Coffee top level meeting in Osaka 4/16,17

EU counselor of Austrian Embassy’s lecture speech at Aioi High School in Hyogo-pref.

Business meeting on remodling “Seattles Best Coffee” units at Hankyu Sangyo

Lectures and discussions on Intergenerational Programs at Ashiya Univ Satellite

Lecture Room and Ashiya Meusium

SDMyers (Ohio, USA)’s business meeting 7/2-7/4

MONA VIE network business meeting rally

Interpretation of Mr. Anton Hertzinger, Swarovski’s exclusive designer at Osaka

Signing event (inclusive of presentation on his newly luanched objet for the year


Work shop on Forum Theater sponsored by Japan Union of Theatrical for

Children and Young people and Agency for Cultural Affairs

The lecture and workshop about the Pedagogy of the oppressed by

Augusto Boal by Assis Professor Phillip Taylor, NY Univ. and Assis Prof

Nihon Univ Yasuhiro Kumagai

Institute for International Studies and Training 38th Leadership Program

+ Osaka-city Environment Bureau Maishima Incineration Plant

+Kinki Environmental Industry Co.,Ltd

+Bio Ethanol Japan, Kansai

+ Briefing on Sakai Eco-Model City Action Plan

*Holland Business Seminar -at Okura Act-city Hamamatsu

And Opening Holland Pavillion, Hamamatsu Int’l Mosaiculture 2009

Latter half of the training program of 2009 of AUICK (Asian Urbanization Information Center of Kobe) consecutive and simulaneous

* The board of directors conference of League of Historical Cities

On the 12th Conference of World Historical Citieis

“Twining Japan” company presentation

The 6th Asia-Pacific Congress of Entomology

Outline of the research project of functional agrobiodiversity in Japan

(At Beijing, China)

The presentation on new products by Petit Point Japon(Dior)

* The event “Enchanted by Long Stay in Malaysia” sponsored by Malaysian government tourism bureau and the Yomiuri Newspaper Corporation held in Kobe, Hyogo-pref

“Crane Operation Training” by Exon Mobil at Tonen General Gas

“Applied Material” audit at Kanken (ISO9000)

*Nestle Purina Pet Care Company 2014 -2015 Japan, L.E.A.P Convention


Investigation by the District Land Transport on stranded Panamanian shipt at Nanko, Osaka

*Lecture sponsored by Orietntal Giken commemorating the issuance of the book titled “Green Lab” by Dr.. Kenneth Kornburg, President of Kornburg Associates(simultaneou, inTokyo International Forum/ Grand Cube Osaka)

Environment Exhibition at Tokyo Big Cite

Eyes Japan and Deutsche Bank ( phone conference)

Onsight inspection by OPCW (Organization of Prohibition of Chemical Weapon ) and NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation)

Inverviewing exclusive designer of Swarovski at fan event

Kone Crane parts change of gantry crane at Kansai Electric Power Plant in Higashi-Maizuru (3 days)

Internal interview at LECO Japan, Osaka office

Functional Safety training at DENSO, Nagoya by Kuglar Maag CIE

(ISO26262 -10 day training)

Telephone conference of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and NRC on US-WPR

(Twice a month based for 6mons)

*Simultaneous interpritation at official side event of COP10 on Ibis and biodiversity

( At century hall of Nagoya Congress Hall )

English MC at the event by the Ministry of Environment titled “Think and Eat, workshop on invasive Alien Species” at COP 10, Nagoya

Functional Safety training at ALPS Electric Company

(ISO26262-5day meeting)

Lecture on botox injection at the private aesthetic clinic and the satellite clinic

of Kobe University (Allergan)

Hankyuu Sangyo business meeting with Focus Brands (Seattle’s Best Coffee)

Negotiation of Former Deputy Secretary of State of Armitage for TV

program, “Wake Up! Plus!”

Functional Safety Training at EED 3 and MKS training at EED1 in DENSO

(ISO26262-4day training )


Telephone conference with NRC and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry on

Atomic Power Water Reactor Plant (on regular basis for almost a year)

ISO26262 related inhouse meeting at Toyota by TUV SUD (3 week technical meetings)

Techinical meeting at Mitsubishi Electric in Himeji by TUV SUD

on functional safety (ISO26262)

* German architecutual designer’s presentation on newly developed dental treatment unit (root canal therapy) at annual meeting of J.MORITA MFG.CORP

P & G market research on hair dye in Osaka

Audit in Lear Corporation Japan in Hiroshima (ISO/TS 16949 assessment) by TUV Rheinland

Audit in ANSEI Corporation in Nagoya and Okayama (ISO/TS16949 assessment) by TUV Rheinland

Technical meeting at DENSO, Nagoya on Air Bag/Software platform of ECU in relation to ISO26262 by Kuglar Maag CIE

One-week Functional Safety Training by SGS Tuv Japan at Landmark Tower in Yokohama,

Nintendo Deposition interpretation at US Embassy in Osaka

Telephone conference at TAIYO LTD

* the 52nd Japan Cancer Association General Meeting , the symposium on

“ the Status Quo of the social support for Lung Cancer Patients”

( Ms.Carolyne R. Aldige-Cancer Prevention Foundation)

* Hong Kong-Osaka Roundtable conference on energy saving exclusively on

Conventional building regarding air-conditioning, sweage system and photovoltaic system lightning, desigin and construction)

* 5 Asian University President’s Forum in Kanazawa

“Unite for the Future-The University’s Role in the President and Future of

An “Asian Culture Sphere”

Interpretation at the inauguration party of the president of Japan Boxing League for the marketing manager of Adidas

Technical meeting at DENSO on competent assessor training and software platform development compliant with ISO26262 by Kuglar Maag CIE

PTC Japan buisness visit to Mizuno (presentation of PLM system tool and QA)


Air bag electrical and electronic embedded softweare developmnet workshop at

DENSO by TUV SUD (1week)

DNV meeting with JTEKT , Nagoya on ISO 26262

Ambico Limited (Canadian Company) vist to 3 Japanese companies supported

by Canadian Embassy

News paper Reporting on the Agent Orange in Vietnam War in Berkely (CA) and New York from the veteran, the leader of the civil group and the scientist, Dr. Stellman from Columbia Univ.

*FGI on Sausage offered by JFK Custome Research Japan

GAP analysis on ISO26262 Functional Safety at ADVICS by DNV GL Assurance Japan

Air bag workshop on ISO 26262 at DENSO by DNV GL Assurance Japan

*The 10th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology at

Grand Cube Osaka

*Survey on insulin product for better undertanding the insulin treatment by


*Sanofi off shore meeting

Audit at Genzyme


General Electric meeting at Toyota on patent issues (2days)

Hardware workshop meeting and assesment meeting at ADVICS on

ISO26262by DNV GL Assurance Japan

Saint-Goban meeting at Taiyo Kogyo Corparation in Shin-Osaka

*Purina Pet Care Company Japna, Nestle H2 Execution Workshop

*Market Research doctor and patient Interview on Retinal Disease by

Adelphi Japan

*The 37th UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting at Phnom Penh,

Camboia whispering interpretation during the deliberation on Mt.Fuji

inscription as a cultural property. (whispering English-Japanese)

*Gratitude Dinner for Dr. Christina Cameron with both governers of

Yamanashi and Shizuoka pref, Chair person of National Commission with

Mt. Fuji as world heritage, Makoto Motonaka ,Director of Agency of Cultural

Affairs , Prof.Nobuko Toyama, Chairperson of National Commission with

Mt. Fuji

As word heritage ,and Prof. Nobuko Cultural Property Rapporteur.

(whispering Engllish<->Japanese)

*TV conference with Singapore team about the survery resut on SKⅡat P&G

*3 doctor interviews on Psoriatic Arthrites (PsA)

*KURARY Global Manegement Meeting

* Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and the 3 doctor interviews by Lilly

*3 doctor interview on Acute Ischmeic Stroke (Transient Ischmeic Attack)

Medical interpretation at obstatrics and gynecology department offered by West Japan Immigration Center

Nissin Food Holding Co. Ltd board of directors TV conference

Joint system development of ORACLE Japan, UCSJ, Hitachi and IBM Japan for CEPCO in Nagoya ( 5days)

*Marketing business meeting on anti-hypotensive drug at the Shionogi Pharmaceutical Company in Osaka Main Office with Sanofi K.K

*Global Management Meeting at Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.

*KURARY Global Management Meeting

*Doctors’ interview on Age related Macular Deneration by Novaltis

*Doctor interview on BPH; benign prostatic hyperplasia by Astellas Pharma Inc.

Medical interpretation at internal medicine department offered by West Japan

Immigaration Center

ISO26262, system development review at ADVICS by DNV GL Assurance



ISO26262 Functional SafeyTraining work shop seminar at Visteon Japan by

Kuglar Maag CIE (2days)

Interpreting for the American lawyer on visa status change at Kyoto branch

office of Osaka Immigration Bureau

*Research interview by foreign news programmes by BBC

ISO26262 Part 4 final assessment at ADVICS by DNV GL Assurance Japan

*Doctor interview at Tokyo Medical Univ. HP on CRPC with Dr. Jun Nakashima and on breast cancer with lactating gland outpatients’ specialist doctor at Ganken Ariake by

Corporate Officer and Sales dep. Chief of SANOFI in Tokyo Main Office

Japan Manulife visiting Hong Kong Manulife for the financial system management workshop (3days)

Ace Ltd. courtesy visit to the captive agent in Osaka

Technical phone conference on gas turbine at Osaka Gas

Business meeting with O2 International Company and Cobelko arranged by the

Commerce Dept of Canadian Embassy in Osaka

The factory tour and the textile museum of LIXIL Group, Kawashima Selcon

Textiles Co. Ltd. (whispering and consecutive)

*War Game Workshop at Sanofi (Main office in Tokyo)

*The 83th Pharmaco Annual Meeting: Lecture titled” Feasibility of Business”,

“EphMrA Code of Conduct 2013 Review” and the reception

*Research interviews on NPD(Narssistic Personality Disorder) at Nagoya Uni.,

Nanzan Univ., Kyoto Univ., Osaka and Tokyo (The outstanding psychiatrists

Dr, Osamu Kityama, Dr. Akiyoshi Okada etc.)

*The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

of Tokyo interview of metropolitan assembly member, Ayaka Shiomura on

Miyaneya” TV show (live)

*The doctors interview on squamous lung carcinoma(NSCLC)

*The doctors interview on rota virus

*Doctor’s interview on type Ⅱdiatetes treatment (Boehringer Engelheim)

*Witness interview at Ropes and Gray LLL in Tokyo

Blueprint and Biketech meeting at Panasonic Cycle Technology (2days)

*Prime minister Cameron’s speech after the referrendum of Scottish independence for TV live show

*Energy Surroundings in US and Business Opportunities –the Center of Shale Gas Innovation and investment environment in South Texas

Consecutive lecture interpreting on the Policy Science Special Class at

Ritsumeikan University, Kinugasa Campus

French buisness men visiting the Photonics Center at Osaka University

dispatched by UBIFRANCE Japan, Bureau of Tokyo

Technical buisness meeting at Panasonic by PHASICS on wave front sensing

(optical metrology)

*Nestle Purina Pet Care Company 2014 -2015 Japan, L.E.A.P Convention in


The presentation on “The 3rd Lock Project” (the Panama Canal Expantion “Project) at Higashimachi LPC  inquired by Panama Service in Kobe

*Kyoto International Environment Symposium-Lectures on “Citizen initiative

and partnership with other sectors promoted by environmental education”

and Q & A at Kyoto International Conference Hall

*Courtesy visit of Zygo to Toho Technology in Nagoya Factory tour and business meeting

*Final audit of Soft Ware on ISO26262 at Toyota Industries Corporation

Interviewing vice president of First Solar on “ The future of PV power plant in

Japan” by PVeye with the inquiry By Burson-Marsteller (the 55th Battery

Symposium in Japan)

Interview chief technoloty office of First Solar by PVeye with the inquiry by

Burson-Marsteller (the 6th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion)

The biopharmaceutical compnay , PAION AG’s visit to ONO Pharmaceutical

Company Ltd and meeting on general anesthesia, Remimazolam

Workshop at Shionogi Pharma Chemicals, Co.LTD. on EHS by ABB Ltd.

(in Shikoku)

Business meeting on healthcare suppliment held by Nippon Kendai Research & Development Ltd. and Kowa Techno Search


“in the studio with MJ” by Mr. Brad Sundgerg, ex Michael Jackson’s music engineer and technical director (2 day seminars) whispering and consecutive

*JETRO Indonesian Pharmaceutical Company Seminar in Toyama

*Amway Skylar Grey Live Event 

Assisting the passengers on the Queen Elizabeth for the unexpected calling port in Kobe due to the cyclone for immigration clearance (interpretation)

*Telephone conferences on Pharmacovigilance at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. in Osaka and Work shop with ORACLE on the Argus 7 Go Live (for 5mos)

*VMware Executive Round Table Session-IT Challenge to Work Syle Innovation

*The symposium titled” Healthy Longevity and Challenges in relationship with Community, Neibourhood, Family on the Global Economy” sponsord by Fukui Prefectural Univ. in Fukui Pref.

Guide interpretation for Lawson personnel from Thailand, Phillipine, Shanghai, Indonesia and Hawai visiting USJ, Osaka, Japan

Business meeting at R-Tech Ueno at Kobe Research and Development Institute and Sanda Plant (plant tour for pharmacoengineering) with Sucampo Pharma

Finnish F1 driver, Batteri Vottas interview in F1 Grand Prix Japan 2015 and the

garage tour interview sponsored by Bacardi

Special Coverage on Increasing foreign tourists staying at Airin Area, Osaka scooped by Fuji TV

Technical meeting at “ Bike Week in Taiwan 2015” between BLOCKS. And Panasonic Cycle Technology (whispering and consecutive)

*Oracle training at TIS Osaka Main Office (4 days)

*Monitor interview on “hair Care” at P & G Main Office in Kobe

*Pre-meeting with IBM US Director, Global Mid Market and Marketing Service Providers at IBM Headquarter Office Tokyo

*” Big Data Platform Conference”/Nikkei BP in Tokyo

*Global Accounting Conference in KYB (Kani-city, Gifu-pref.)

*Japan Life Organizer Association Conference (Sapporo)

*Simultaneous interpretation at the wedding banquet in long-established Japanese restaurant “Tsuruya”, Okazaki, Kyoto

*Audit and technical meeting at Meidensha, in Numazu, Shizuoka by SGS Japan

*SGS technical meeting and audit at MEIDENSHA Corporation on Ozone Generator, Exclusive branch board for POG

*Technology Commercialization Program Conference, 2015 sponsored by NEDO (National Economic Development Offic) at Kyoto Research Park


*Phone conference of FUJI LOGIX Co.LTD, Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. and Ⅹ Manufacturer company  (3days)

*The meeting between the research agency and the end client on the content of the questionairs about “Home Use Test” regarding Softner and the interview flow with the demonstrator and respondents

* Knight Group Ltd. interface meeting at Sankin Co Ltd. (presentation and Q&A)

On advanced SGEL and TNGA(Toyota New Global Architecture) for Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, North America(TEMA) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kengucky Inc. (3 weeks)

Audit for BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) certification at JFE Steel Corporation at Kurashiki, Okayama (3 days)

*Truven Health Analytic visit to Dainippon Sumitomo Pharmaceautcal Caompany, Shionogi and SANTEN (presentation and Q&A), internal meeting on strategy and lync meeting with personnel in England (2 days)

*Research interview on BBC online news by Japanese users (2days)

*Work shop on C.R.BARD, GEXEED JD Edwards system

Project meeting, work shop, breifing and technical meetings at Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. with Dassault Systems and Accenture (3 wks)

*“A New Link Between Daiabes Mellitus and Antherosclerosis” sponsored by Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction

* Resilient Cities Summit in Toyama

* IBM explanation and Q&A on SAP Japan Systems introduced at Nitto Denko Corporation 

* P&G SBD shopper research on detergent and softner (shop along with eye-tracking 1 on 1 interview)

Japan-France Innovation Year Forum at Grand Front, Osaka, interview of

Ms. Muriel Penicaud, French Ambassodor for International Investment, Chief

Excecutive Officer by Mainichi Newspaper inquired by French Embassy

In Tokyo)

Projection Plasma System buisness meeting with Kyocera Corp. (inquired by

French Emgassy in Tokyo)


Refugee Application Interview at Kobe Prison by Kobe Immigration Bureau

*Digitanl It Strategy and Potential in India IT Sector

Implementation of Smart and Manufacturing with IT Resources

At Indian Embassy in Tokyo

Malasia Vendor Parts Exhibition at Daihatu Motor Company

Measurering Device ( Inverse Gas Chromatograpy) training after the

purchasebyGifu Pharmaceutical University and Kobayashi Parmaceutica Co.

Ltd.(inclusive of pharmaceutical dept student and researcherfrom Gifu

Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Lab. (physico-chamical and

thermodynamics area) )

*Meeting of French industry engineering group fives Japan with DAISHO SEIKICORPORATION on CSR, Safety and Health system and DAISHO plant checking inquired by Ubi France

*Projec with Accenture system newly introduction to Adastria in Shibuya

( 2 weeks)

*Training for Key Accound Directors at ORACLE Osaka Branch Office

*Juniper Customer Visit (NTT Sonezaki Office, NTT Bangacho Office)

Deposition on part failure and recall (3days at Tokai Rika, Nagoya)

*P & G market research interview on fabric softener (at the studio)

*Livei’s Strauss Training Conference, Asia, Middle East and Africa (2days)

*Renault/Nissan-Yorozu-Alliance Top Technology Meeting (FY 17)

*Novartis Pharma, “Pharma Sales and Marketing Leadership Meeting.

(4days in Intercontinental Pudong Shanghai)

Interpretation service for Barologics to qcquire intelectual property fromt the

department of intellectual asset management, research and development

initiative cent at National Cerebaral and Cardiovascular Center

Interview and shooting photos of 2 foreign students in Doshisha University for University Guide book to be released for the year 2018.


Deposition lead interpretation for Eisner Jaffe with regard to sport wear product (4 days at US General Consulate Osaka)

Zimbabwean Trainee training at Ebara Densan Ltd. in regard to swtchboard operation at the plant (electrical equipement oepration, maintenance check , mesuaring instrument usage, and safety points clarification) by NTC Inernational Co. Itd.

BMW dealers’ training by mfg ( 2days at Nishinomiya, Hyogo-pref.)       

Deposition checker and prep interpretation for WINSTRON & STRAWN with regard to pharmaceuatical products ( 3days at US Consulate Osaka)

*Vietnum Blockchain Week @ Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (2days)   

*SAP workshop at Kansai Electric Power Col ( 2 days)   

Deposition checker and prep interpretation for Bracewell with regard to patent of semiconuctor, flash drive, hard drive, data security related prodeut

( 4days at US Consulate Osaka)

*HP, Supplier Forum in Weihai, Shandong Province, China, (2days)

*SAP Japan AutoTeam Camp Meeting at Nagoya Office.

Remote phone interview of advisor at Bain & Company inquired by visasQ :

“ Japanese market trend of ERP systems “

Documentary series film shooting by VT (Swedish National Public TV broadcaster

titled “ Momo’s manga/comics experience in Kyoto” at Kyoto International

Manga Museum and TOEI Movie Studios. (Sign Language Program)

*US-North Korea Summit live translation on “Miyane ya” TV show.

Indonesia Batam Free Zone Investment Sminar in Osaka

SAP phone meeting with APJ Asia, Pacific ,Japan)at SAP Osaka Office (once a week base)

Cable Ferret Company Limited business meeting with Jefcom, Osaka

*World Economic Forum in Hanoi

*World Economic Forum in Tianjin

*Bio Marin meeting in Osaka and Matsuyama on “achondroplasia” with patient group and supporting group

*Lecture on “ Communication in Crisis” by Edelman Japan at Omron

Meeting on real estate contract at Tokyo Tatemono Co. Ltd in Osaka

*Yazaki Corporation term 78 WWS-HQs meeting at Mishima(2日間)

Raune Cunnif & Co.Inc phone interviewing an expert of account software development compnay

Alpha Sights phone interviewing Rakuten Loyalty employee             

VQ Global phone interviewing an expert on Cyber Security Market in Japna

*Training interpretation at SAP Institute Japa, 大阪

One day session for MonotaRo at IBM Japan

*Max & Co. business meeting with Hankyu Dept..( consecutive and whispering)

Calixto Global Investors phone interviewing the expert on M & A outlook in Japan


*CARMIGNAC visit Nomura Asset Management for enhancing sales trend to acknowledge the recent global fund trend:

Presentation and Q&A session

*L & T Infotech Oracle JD Edward 9.1 ERP system installation project at Catalent Japan

The president of Plutrusion technique visiting to DOWA AKITA (Akita Zinc Co. Ltd) for the presentation and business talk on electrolyte cell

*Global new employee training at YAMAHA Motor Co. Ltd. (2 days)

Gettyimages seminar at ASICS in Kobe with Photographer, Adam Pretty

ATS SmartPack training at Amazon, Kyotanabe (5 days)

TV conference on investment strategy with subsidiary company in Hong Kong at Silver Egg Technology

IT, Software development, Auto industry (ISO26262), Environment, Humanitarian, Art and music, Psychology
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