Workshop / Seminer

Event fee (USD): 350
Listing language: English
Interpretation languages:
Brazilian Portuguese
Interpretation types:
Tour guide
Booth attendance
Exhibition visit
Factory visit
General business meeting
High-level business meeting
M&A negotiation
Consecutive-interpretation seminar
Cabin (1 of 2 persons)
Cabin (1 person covers all)
On-site interpretation
Remote interpretation
Educational experience: Majored in English in Dokkyo University
Work experience: Worked in publication importing companies for more than 20 years in total engaging in importing, distributing, and communication in English. I have also performed translation/interpretation for English↔Japanese in the following areas as well as coordination for workshops.
List of past interpretation jobs:  Interpreted for general business meetings, excursions, workshops, lectures, private sessions of counseling/personal development, therapy, dance work, etc. Interpreted for Japanese guests and visitors including media coverage on cruise ships. Assisted clients especially in workshops, private sessions and excursions.  Translated letters, business-related materials, marketing materials, contracts, product briefs, power points, English homepages, daily programs/safety announcements/menus on cruise ships, tour materials and created brochures.  Coordinated for English speakers/teachers and Japanese publishers/organizers for workshops, etc.  Supported coordination for events, sales promotions, and public relations.  Assisted coordination for overseas marketing surveys.
Specialized industries: Personal development
Interpreter age: 59
Interpreter gender: Female
Interpreter nationality: Japanese
Years of interpretation experience: 10
Years lived in foreign countries where interpretation language is used: 3.0
Hobby: Travelling

Hello. I am Junko. As a freelance interpreter, I have been interpreting mostly in the areas of Personal Development and related workshops, lectures, private sessions and alternative medicines, and so on. I also have a passion for job training and coaching to help people grow their possibilities into abilities, and help them find their potentialities as well.

As a company employee, I have interpreted for general business meetings, small ceremonies, etc. as part of my job in the company.

*interpretation fee is negotiable.

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