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英語, 中国語, ロシア
展示会の見学, ハイレベル商談, 逐次通訳セミナー, 同時通訳 (2人の中1人), 同時通訳 (1人のみ担当)
International, Government, Finances/Trade, ICT, Transport, Culture & Religion


英語, 中国語, ロシア
ハイレベル商談, 同時通訳 (2人の中1人), 同時通訳 (1人のみ担当)

My name is Denis Paletskiy, a Chinese – Russian, English – Russian conference interpreter with 20 years of experience.

I work as an independent interpreter in Beijing (my official domicile) and in various locations in Greater China and Southeast Asia. As a managing partner at Beijing IB Translations (GPE), I set up teams of simultaneous interpreters according to your requirements and organize interpreting equipment for your multi-language events. You receive everything from one single source — reliable and uncomplicated. And – in case of business negotiations – your messages will be rendered into Chinese from your native language by your “own” consecutive interpreter, the one you can always hold responsible in case of incorrect or incomplete communication. No more hassles of ideological distortions or cultural differences to prevent your messages from getting across precisely.

When you communicate to create a real added value, leave interpreting for an expert – a strong professional of general profile who knows well local realities and understands main subjects which you plan to negotiate with your counterparts in China. I am happy to support you in achieving your communication aims and delivering excellence to your event: your satisfaction is the best barometer of my professional performance.

My rates are USD 2k per day for CN/RU simultaneous interpretation, USD 1k for half-day, consecutive and EN/RU interpretation assignments.

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