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11월 5, 2017
11월 7, 2017

Hi. We are looking for an interpreter for an event. There is a 3 days Immigration Event in Shanghai. We are an Immigration Company based in New Zealand. We are looking to attend the event to sign up with Chinese Agents for cooperation.

We are not only looking for an interpreter but a sales driven person who can initiate engaging conversations with Chinese Agents, and convince them to sign agreements with our company.

You must have experience in public speaking, negotiations attending similar events etc.

你好。 我们正在寻找一个事件的翻译。 上海有3天的移民活动。 我们是位于新西兰的移民公司。 我们正在出席这次活动,与中国代理商签订合作协议。




To interpreters:

Please note that we will only review candidates who have listings on Freelensia platform. Please do not share contact information with us until we have reserved you via the platform.

Interpreters who have not created listings, please contact Freelensia at for further assistance.

Please check Freelensia's interpretation calendar here:

Thank you

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