English-Vietnamese Simultaneous Interpreter in Hanoi (half day)

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영어, 베트남어
여행 가이드, PG, 부스 수행, 전시회 방문, 공장 방문, 수행, 일반 비즈니스 미팅, M&A 협상, 순차통역 세미나, 동시 통역(2명 중 1명), 동시 통역(1명 혼자)
Bachelor Degree
Consecutive and simultaneous Interpreter

Interpreter for Online Trade Fair: Discovering Turkey's Leading HVACR Technology hold by Vinexad and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade.

Business English

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영어, 베트남어
동시 통역(2명중1명), 동시 통역 (1명 혼자)
현장 통역, 원격 통역

My name is Tra My. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Business English at Foreign Trade University, I am eager to secure my career as a professional interpreter.

While working towards the completion of my degrees, I also finished “ The Intensive Conference Interpretation Course” from Sao Khue Consult, JSC. In addition, I also took part in an interpretation competition named Jump Start, organized by the Student Network of Business English Faculty of Foreign Trade University, and gained the First-runner prize.

Now I am working as a freelance interpreter and my jobs are mainly online interpretation.

My key skills include:

  • Whisper interpretation
  • Sight-translation
  • Story-telling skill
  • Interpreting at Teleconference, video conference.
  • Taking note in simultaneous interpretation.

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