English-Arabic Interpretation in Hama (full day)

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영어, 아랍어
여행 가이드, 부스 수행, 전시회 방문, 공장 방문, 수행, 일반 비즈니스 미팅, 고급 비즈니스 미팅, M&A 협상, 경찰, 순차통역 세미나
Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation
Translation, interpretation, teaching, proofreading, editing, training

Interpreting for Contracting and construction companies in conducted business meetings, field visits to project sites, job interviews for candidates, discussions of administrative and legal terms in contracts between parties involved in projects, etc.

civil engineering, electrical engineering, legal affairs, managerial affairs, business, human resources management

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영어, 아랍어
공장 방문, 경찰 심문, 법정심리, 병원 방문, 의례적인 방문, 순차통역 세미나
현장 통역, 원격 통역

Highly skilled interpreter with technical and artistic and military background. Wide and practical experience and extensive knowledge in interpretation in many fields such as design, fine arts, AEC( architecture, engineering, construction), BIM (building information modeling), audio and video technology, hospitality, entertainment and tourism, video games (first person shooter), business administration and management, marketing and branding, physical and military training, etc.

I am capable and ready to perform remote interpretation for clients for the language pair mentioned below. Usually I ask clients to provide me with the essential details related to the service they to are inquiring to be fully prepared:

  1. Field of interpretation
  2. Meeting elements (clients, meeting place(s), estimated time)
  3. Main goals and objectives
  4. Difficulties to be encountered
  5. Main steps and station of the interpretation day

    6 . Special notes and remarks and tips

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