Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello there! My name is Dao Pham. I have been a consecutive interpreter and translator for over 07 years.

- Interpretation Scope: Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Exhibitions, Personal Assistant, and other similar events.

- Available for business trips beyond Hanoi.

Key Experiences and Skills for your consideration:

- Over 07 years of experiences in the interpretation and translation work.

- Experienced in working with foreign partners from various countries: American, Australian, Korean, Malaysian, Laotian, etc.

- Experienced in going for business trips within and beyond Vietnam such as: in Malaysia, Lao PDR

- Strong skills in dealing with complicated interpretation situations

- Good communication skills

- Strong interpretation expertise in: business and trading, e-commerce, contract, real estate, construction, education...

English, Vietnamese
Tour guide, Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Factory visit, General business meeting, High-level business meeting, M&A negotiation, Consecutive-interpretation seminar
Bachelor's Degree
Full time Interpreter and Freelance Interpreter

■Exhibition Interpreter: Asian Environmental Forum 2011

■Exhibition Interpreter: Broadcast Media Tech Exhibition 2012

■Conference Interpreter: Dai Phat Company Limited 2013

■Assistant Interpreter: NKH Viet Nam Trade and Service Co,. Ltd. 2014

■Exhibition Interpreter: International Higher Education Day in Vietnam 2016

■Conference Interpreter: Emperald Corporation (in Malaysia) 12/2016

■Assistant Interpreter: Global Future Career - ATS 2/2017

■Business Matching Interpreter: Expertrans 3/2017

■Conference Interpreter: Mondular Block Container JSC (in Lao PDR) 4/2017

■Exhibition Interpreter: Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 4/201

Business & Economics, Trading, Contracts, Legal Documents, Construction, Real Estate,

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