Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello there! My name is Dao Pham. I have been a consecutive interpreter and translator for over 07 years.

- Interpretation Scope: Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Exhibitions, Personal Assistant, and other similar events.

- Available for business trips beyond Hanoi.

Key Experiences and Skills for your consideration:

- Over 07 years of experiences in the interpretation and translation work.

- Experienced in working with foreign partners from various countries: American, Australian, Korean, Malaysian, Laotian, etc.

- Experienced in going for business trips within and beyond Vietnam such as: in Malaysia, Lao PDR

- Strong skills in dealing with complicated interpretation situations

- Good communication skills

- Strong interpretation expertise in: business and trading, e-commerce, contract, real estate, construction, education...

Phiên Dịch Viên
Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Việt
Hướng dẫn viên du lịch, Trực gian hàng, Tham quan triển lãm, Tham quan nhà máy, Họp thông thường, Họp cấp cao, Đàm phán, M&A, Hội thảo dịch cắt đoạn
Bachelor's Degree
Full time Interpreter and Freelance Interpreter

■Exhibition Interpreter: Asian Environmental Forum 2011

■Exhibition Interpreter: Broadcast Media Tech Exhibition 2012

■Conference Interpreter: Dai Phat Company Limited 2013

■Assistant Interpreter: NKH Viet Nam Trade and Service Co,. Ltd. 2014

■Exhibition Interpreter: International Higher Education Day in Vietnam 2016

■Conference Interpreter: Emperald Corporation (in Malaysia) 12/2016

■Assistant Interpreter: Global Future Career - ATS 2/2017

■Business Matching Interpreter: Expertrans 3/2017

■Conference Interpreter: Mondular Block Container JSC (in Lao PDR) 4/2017

■Exhibition Interpreter: Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 4/201

Business & Economics, Trading, Contracts, Legal Documents, Construction, Real Estate,

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