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I am Duong, my English nickname is Sandy. I am a freelance conference interpreter (English - Vietnamese) with more than 10 years experience, born in Hanoi, now based in HCMC. Topics that i usual handle are as follows:

- agriculture and rural development ( workshop and training for agricultural extension services, certification for VietGAP, GlobalGAP)

- Forestry

- Aquaculture (shrimp, pangasius)

- business (corporate social responsibility, market research)

- self- improvement training

- climate change & environment issues

- mass rapid transportation

- evaluation missions of development project

- land acquisition and resettlement procudures(in comply with social safeguard policy of WB, ADB, JICA)

- garment and textile (for TPP)

- other social science topics

My frequent client includes the WB, ADB, JICA, UNDP, UNODC.

Английский, Вьетнамский
Общая деловая встреча, Деловая встреча на высоком уровне, Последовательный перевод на семинаре, Синхронный (1 из 2 человек), Синхронный (1 человек покрывает все)
Bachelor of Economics, graduated from Hanoi Foreign Trade University
14 years of experience. On average, i provide interpretation services for about 300 workshops per year, 3 workshop per week, mostly simultaneous interpretation.

Detail CV will be provided upon request.

Frequent client included World Bank, IFC, UNODC, Unicef, ADB, JICA.

Social sciences, agriculture, forestry, garment & textile, climate change, NGO methodology & approach, WB related projects

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