Listing sample (For interpreters)

Phí trả tại sự kiện (USD): 150
Ngôn ngữ bài đăng: Tiếng Anh
Các ngôn ngữ phiên dịch:
Tiếng Anh
Tiếng Việt
Tiếng Nhật
Tiếng Trung
Tiếng Hàn
Tiếng Thái
Tiếng Indonesia
Tiếng Tây Ban Nha
Tiếng Nga
Tiếng Pháp
Tiếng Bồ Đào Nha Braxin
Tiếng Ả Rập
Tiếng Hindi
Tiếng Khác
Các loại hình phiên dịch:
Hướng dẫn viên du lịch
Trực gian hàng
Tham quan triển lãm
Tham quan nhà máy
Tháp tùng
Họp thông thường
Họp cấp cao
Cảnh sát
Tòa án
Y tế
Đàm phán, M&A
Hội thảo dịch cắt đoạn
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Phụ tá dịch đồng thời
Sự hiện diện:
Dịch tại chỗ
Dịch từ xa
Kinh nghiệm học tập: Yale University, Marketing (2012 - 2016)
Kinh nghiệm làm việc: Marketing Research, Nielsen (2017 - present)
Chuyên ngành: Social Sciences
Tuổi của PDV: 28
Giới tính của PDV: Nữ
Quốc tịch của PDV: Việt Nam
Điểm IELTS của PDV: 8.0
Số năm kinh nghiệm phiên dịch: 4
Số năm sống ở nước ngoài nơi ngôn ngữ phiên dịch được sử dụng: 4.0

[This is a listing sample for interpreters]

Beside this “Detailed description” section, please fill in the sections listed below:

- Listing title: Please write specific listing types, for instance: "English Chinese Factory Visit / Business Meeting Interpretation / One Day" "Vietnamese - English Cabin Interpretation One Person Covers All - One Day", etc.

- There are two types of fees. You decide the on-site fee which you receive. Freelensia will receive the reservation fee, which is 1/10 of your on-site fee. The client will pay the sum of these two fees.

- Presence means is this price for on-site interpretation or interpretation by phone / Skype, etc.? If your price is the same for both, please tick both.

- Type of interpretation includes Tour guide, PG, Booth attendance, Exhibition visit, Factory visit, General & High-level business meeting, M&A negotiation, Consecutive-interpretation seminar, MC, Cabin. Please choose the interpretation types you can handle, along with the on-site fees.

If you want to set different pricing for different interpretation types or presence options, you can create as many listings as you want.

- Education experience: Information such as university name, major, year of study. Each content should be separated by a character so that it is easy to read.

- Working experience: any information about your recent official jobs should be include.

- List of past interpretation jobs

- Specialized industries

- Age, Sex & Nationality

- Standardize language test with highest score (please send a scanned copy to For those who have lost your language certificates or haven’t taken standardize tests, please leave this section blank.

- Years lived in foreign countries where interpretation language is used

- Years of interpretation experience

- Hobbies (which can leave great impressions on clients)

- Location: Try to include your current address (city, country) since clients will select an interpreters based on his/ her location.

- Please upload a portrait as your first photo. The following photos could by anything related to your job. Please upload photos of high professionalism (in which you dress politely). Photos must not be secret information (you should specify in the Detailed Description section that you received the agreement from previous clients to use the photo). If you would like to remain private on Freelensia, you can upload some other photos or nothing at all.

Below is a content sample in which you can refer to fill out in “Detailed Description” section. In addition to a brief introduction about yourself, explain to the clients the fee you are applying for the type of interpretation, and provide links to other listings.

Please insert the Youtube URL to your introduction video to attract the attention of clients at the end of the “Detailed Description”section. Make sure your video is horizontal and 1-2 minutes long.

“Hello everyone,

I'm Minh and I'm 33 years old.

I have lived in Kyoto and Tokyo for 4 years and worked in Japanese companies.

After returning to Vietnam in 2014, I have been a freelance interpreter mainly in Ho Chi Minh City.

The amount stated in this post is the one-day rate of consecutive interpretation such as general negotiations, factories and tours of exhibitions. Other amounts are as follows:

- High level negotiation 1 day rate: 240USD http: / ○○○○○○

- High level negotiation Half one rate: 180USD http: // ○○○○○○

- M & A negotiations, daily rate: 300 USD http: // ○○○○○○

- M & A negotiation, half day rate: 200 USD http: // ○○○○○○

Thank you very much.”

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