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Sự hiện diện:
Dịch tại chỗ
Dịch từ xa
Lãnh đạo của phía bạn: Our company's president
Lãnh đạo của phía đối tác: Many CEOs from various companies
Ngành nghề của sự kiện: Commerce/ Economics/ Trade
Tổng số người tham dự: 200
Ngày bắt đầu sự kiện: Tháng tư 7, 2018
Giờ bắt đầu sự kiện: 8:00
Ngày kết thúc sự kiện: Tháng tư 7, 2018
Thời gian kết thúc sự kiện: 12:00
Tổng ngân sách cho sự kiện (USD): 150

You can find interpreters for your company's event through this listing.

Please fill in the following fields:

* Listing language: If you compose your listing in English, please choose English.

* Interpretation languages: Please choose the translation language pair that you need for your event.

* Interpretation types: Please select the type of interpretation that corresponds to the event of your company.

* Presence: Please choose between on-site or remote.

Note: If you select more than 1 option, please specify in this "Detailed description" field.

* Leader of your side: Name of the representative with the highest position in the event. Providing detailed information will help interpreters proceed better translation.

* Leade of other side: Similar description as above.

* Event's industry: To help interpreters prepare industry's insight before the event.

* Total number of participants: Please fill in the maximum participants who possibly join in the event. Relevant posting from interpreters may vary based on this information.

* Event start and end date

* Event total budget (USD): This is the budget for the interpretation of the event.

* Location: Please fill in the district and city where the event takes place. Then hit "Tab" on your keyboard, the map will automatically be updated. Besides, you can also hover the cursor to that location on the map.

* Image: Please attach any reference images (for example, past events, etc.) to the event, if any.

*** Please note: Please do not post contact information in the post (including company name, email, address, contact number, etc.) until your company has made a reservation with a specific interpreter(s).

Thank you for your cooperation.


Here is a sample post that is noted in the "Detailed Description":

Hi all,

Our company is a consulting company.

We will be holding a European Trade Promotion Seminar scheduled to take place on the morning of April 7 (from 8 am to 12 pm). Therefore, we would like to find an English - Vietnamese interpreter for this event.

The interpreter is required to have a 7.0 IELTS, be knowledgeable of trade or have at least 2 years experience of interpretation. The budget for our event is $150 for half a day.

The event is held annually, please see the attached images for the past events.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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