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Phí sự kiện (USD): 740
Ngôn ngữ bài đăng: Tiếng Anh
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Kinh nghiệm học tập: Master's Degree in Interpretation and Translation
Kinh nghiệm làm việc: 4 years
Danh sách các công việc phiên dịch trong quá khứ: •[Ashoka Korea] the 7th Time to Open the Future Forum / Simultaneous Interpreting •[World Employment Confederation] Multilateral Meeting on Korea's Employment Policy / Consecutive Interpreting •[Galaxy Macau] Business Meeting with Lotte Duty Free / Consecutive Interpreting •[Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange] Cultural Partnership Initiative Program / Consecutive Interpreting •[Crypto-security Blockchain Routing Project] Beyond Blocks Summit (Korea Blockchain Week 2018) / Consecutive Interpreting •[Crypto-security Blockchain Routing Project] Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 / Consecutive Interpreting •[Korea Data Agency] Data Free-zone Visualization Workshop / Consecutive Interpreting •[Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs] Republic of Korea-European Union Organic Equivalence Arrangement Working Group Meeting / Video Conference Interpreting •[FinanTech Vastgoed Investering] Investment Briefing / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[George Mason University Korea] Press Interview / Consecutive Interpreting •[KBS 1TV] Reality TV Show: My Neighbor, Charles/ Simultaneous Interpreting •[AtriCure] Audit and Compliance Interviews / Consecutive Interpreting •[iFeelSmart] Business Meeting with SK Broadband / Consecutive Interpreting •[Korea-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry] Presentation on Germany's F&B Industry at 2018 Seoul Food / Consecutive Interpreting •[OECD Korea Policy Center] Capacity Building Program for Malaysian Government Officials / Consecutive Interpreting •[Medicalchain] Blockchain for Healthcare Seminar / Consecutive Interpreting •[Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries] 2nd Meeting of the Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) Global Dialogue with Regional Seas Organizations and Regional Fishery Bodies on Accelerating Progress Toward the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and Sustainable Development Goals / Emceeing •[KENZO] Cheongdam Flagship Store Opening - Press Conference / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[Global Crypto Hub] 2018 Crypto Currency Expo / Simultaneous Interpreting •[Hyundai Construction Equipment] 2018 Hyundai Construction Equipment Auction / Emceeing and Auctioneering •[Shell International-H Sulphur] License Agreement Signing Ceremony / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[Messe München] Fenestration BAU China Press Meetings / Consecutive Interpreting •[Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau] Business Seminar / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[Le Creuset Korea] FY2018 Business Strategy Meeting / Consecutive Interpreting •[Trade Coin Club] 2018 Asia Tour - Korea Bitcoin Conference / Consecutive Interpreting •[Mercedes-Benz] 2017 Dream Gream Exhibition / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[Hewlett-Packard] Data Center Consulting Project for SK Broadband / Consecutive Interpreting •[Le Creuset] 2017 Financial Results Briefing / Consecutive Interpreting •[Sege Fairs] Educare Leaders Forum / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[WIPRO] SAP ERP Consulting Project for ABB Ltd / Consecutive Interpreting •[3M] Comliance Interviews / Consecutive Interpreting •[Mercedes-Benz] 2017 Han Sung Oktoberfest with Art Bazaar / Emceeing and Consecutive Interpreting •[National Archives of Korea and Archives of Serbia] MOU Signing and Seminars / Consecutive Interpreting •[United States Forces Korea] Joint Military Exercise Ulchi Freedom Guardian / Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting •[Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs] Republic of Korea-European Union Organic Equivalence Arrangement Working Group Meeting / Video Conference Interpreting •[Ministry of Science and ICT] ICT Job Fair for Foreigners / Consecutive Interpreting •[Mail on Sunday] Interviews on North Korean Defectors / Consecutive Interpreting •[Open Society Foundations] Community Leadership Scholarship Interview / Whispered Interpreting •[YTN] The 7th Junior Youth English Debating Championship / Simultaneous Interpreting •[YTN] The 8th Youth English Debating Championship / Simultaneous Interpreting •[Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies] The 17th International Conference / Simultaneous Interpreting •[National Human Rights Commission] Site Visit / Consecutive Interpreting •[Korea Saemaul Undong Center] The 46th Anniversary of Saemaul Undong / Simultaneous Interpreting •[Amorepacific Corporation] SAP ERP Module Training Session / Consecutive Interpreting •[JTBC] TV Series: Madame Antoine / Consecutive Interpreting
Chuyên ngành: Business, Marketing, Tourism, National security, Military, IT, Blockchain
Tuổi của PDV: 35
Giới tính của PDV: Nữ
Quốc tịch của PDV: Hàn Quốc
Điểm TOEIC của PDV: 990
Số năm kinh nghiệm phiên dịch: 4 years
Số năm sống ở nước ngoài nơi ngôn ngữ phiên dịch được sử dụng: 10.0

Multi-skilled Interpreter and Translator with three years' progressive experience translating and interpreting between English and Korean in diverse areas. Currently based in Seoul, Korea and ready to be involved in challenging and exciting projects that will enable me to capitalize on my professional experience, with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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