Seeking English to Chinese Translator for Excursion Shenzhen

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Tiếng Anh
Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Trung
Hướng dẫn viên du lịch, Tham quan nhà máy
Phiên dịch tại chỗ
Static visit
1 Tháng mười năm 2018
28 Tháng mười năm 2018
pickup and dropoff

Looking to visit the following places in order to source manufacturers for prototype development: Baoan Xixiang Huafeng Xixiangduan Baoan Aveenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen; Huaqiangbei Commercial Street; Gongming, Songgong, and Xili for CNC and ODM-OEM; China South City for metals, plastics (poly carbonate)leather and electronics; Guanlan for cable factories; and many others. This project will be ongoing. pricing is negotiable. Our goal will be to 1st visit these areas and see, gather information. 2nd go back and see again gather more information. 3rd buy products and or parts if available or order prototype of parts for testing, 4th go see some more, order more prototype parts to make complete assemblies. 5th go see some more, meet with factory heads for factories that have been selected for potential partnership, meet the boss. You get the idea. There is one company in particular that is on the schedule that will require you to be prepared to discuss and help build a collaborative relationship. More on that when we meet.

Would prefer 2 interpreters, that are (1) mechanical and (1) electrical engineers. Proper credentials required. Again, price is negotiable with proven credentials.





Interpreters who are interested in this event, please send a message mentioning:

1. The link to your listing which is applicable to our event? How much is your fee (reservation fee + event fee)?

2. Do you have a video / audio that has been approved by Freelensia ?

3. What kind of experiences do you have that are relevant to this event?

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