[Jan14-16][Shanghai] Looking for English-Chinese interpreter

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Lãnh đạo của phía bạn: Ray Connelly
Lãnh đạo của phía đối tác: GLP
Ngành nghề của sự kiện: Supply Chain, Warehousing, Agriculture, Food industry
Tổng số người tham dự: 5
Ngày bắt đầu sự kiện: Tháng một 14, 2019
Giờ bắt đầu sự kiện: 9:00 am
Ngày kết thúc sự kiện: Tháng một 16, 2019
Thời gian kết thúc sự kiện: 5:00 pm
Nhu cầu đặc biệt (đưa đón, thuê xe, thiết bị, hóa đơn VAT, v.v.): there will be some travel to Hangzhou on Tuesday

My team has several technical and business related meetings with three different companies over three days. The interpreter will need to be familiar with general business operations with a specialization in the operation of fresh food supply chains and technical topics such as software and hardware. The topics will include various agricultural marketplaces, warehousing and logistics.



Interpreters who are interested in this event, please send a message mentioning:

1. The link to your listing which is applicable to our event? How much is your fee (reservation fee + event fee)?

2. Do you have a video/audio that has been approved by Freelensia?

3. What kind of experiences do you have that are relevant to this event?

Please do not share your contact information with us until we have sent you a reservation request online and you have clicked the [Accept] button. If you are an interpreter without a listing or not yet a member of Freelensia, please send an e-mail to support@freelensia.com for assistance.

In addition, interpreters can also track Freelensia's events calendar here: http://link.freelensia.com/interpretation-calendar

Thảo luận công khai (3)

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Creed Zhang

6 tháng trước


Nice to E-meet you here. Please kindly refer to the booking link below,including reservation fee and my service fee:


Regarding my related experience,I have served Food packaging factory and supplier screening meeting,such as Dole and Brightdairy in Shanghai.My expereince also covered a variety of hardware and software companies in IT industry such as Dell,HP,Digicert,VmWare,etc.

By the way,I ofter went to Hangzhou for biz travel and assisted several US and European companies,I can definitely set the trip for you and your team.

I hope to be talked to soon and assist you by your side.



Rconnelly photo2 2015 09 25a


6 tháng trước

Hello Creed, Nice to e-meet you too, and thank you for your prompt reply. I think your experiences will fit nicely with the types of business meetings we will be having. Also, I feel your rates are reasonable and will fit into our budget. I am currently working out the detailed itinerary and will hopefully have this figured out in the next few days. I am assuming at this point you are flexible, and available, for 2 full days. One of those days may be a trip to Hangzhou. If there are some limitations in your schedule, please let me know. Thank you -Ray

Us pic

Creed Zhang

5 tháng trước

Great working with Ray,a high tech company with wonderful people and talents.Looking forward to working with you and your team again.

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