Finding Korean - Vietnamese Interpreters in Hanoi

By Site Admin | Nov 25, 2020
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Vietnam has one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Vietnam's per capita GDP has risen 2.7 fold since 2002, and poverty rates have fallen significantly from over 70 percent to below 6 percent. They're also the biggest exporter of black pepper and cashew nuts. Not only are they popular for their growing economy, but they also have wonderful beaches and beautiful hills. They have eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Ha Long Bay, where the Avatar movie was taken.

This year marks the 28th anniversary of Vietnam and Korea's diplomatic relations. Vietnam and Korea have been growing together rapidly as economic partners since their first diplomatic relationship. In 2018, Korea became Vietnam's second-largest import partner and the largest contributor to Vietnam's share of FDI. In addition, last year the most visited international tourist sites for Koreans were Vietnam's beautiful cities, Da Nang and Nha Trang. This has inspired many businesses to invest in both countries; thus, creates plenty of chances for interpreters and translator to excel.

There are currently many Korean organizations and businesses with offices in Hanoi. Having discovered that this city is economically advantageous, many businessmen came from the East and held countless business seminars. In such important events when both parties do not understand the language of each other well, you may ask “What is the key to the successful deliberations?” and the most likely factor to think of is interpreters.

There are some ways to find translators or interpreters that you can work with to help your Vietnam business. In our blog article here you can also find out how to find interpreters in any region.


1. Embassies of countries in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, it is not hard to find other countries’ embassies here. You can try to contact these embassies, through Internet, calls, or visiting their representative office, for necessary listings about finding interpretation services.

Some embassies’ address located in Hanoi:

The U.S Embassy: 7 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District

Phone number: +842438505000

South Korean Embassy: Lotte Center, 54 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh District

Phone number: + 842438315110

You can find the addresses just by Google the keyword “Embassy in Hanoi”.


2. Industry associations and chambers of commerce

There are numerous industry associations and chambers of commerce in Hanoi which are established not only to provide business listings but also to support Korean entrepreneurs. You can try to find some interpreters at the following organizations: The Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the South & Middle of Vietnam (KOCHAM), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Korea International Trader’s Association (KITA), Korean Association in Hanoi, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), CEO Club Vietnam

These are popular associations that organize many international events in Vietnam. The Korean – Vietnamese interpreters who work for these events are screened and professional.


3. The Internet

The Internet is useful when you need to find interpreters. You can simply upload your requests on your Facebook, Instagram, Job Opportunities groups, Naver, etc. to ask for support and hundreds of consultancies and recommendations will pop up. You only need to write the keyword: “Reserve Korean – Vietnamese interpreter online +Hanoi” or “Interpreter in Hanoi”.


4. Network is always helpful

Your colleagues may know excellent Korean – Vietnamese interpreters from their last visits to Hanoi. You should ask them for some recommendations before looking for an interpreter yourself.

But what if there is a more convenient way to find a qualified interpreter?


Freelensia can help you!


Freelensia is the world’s first online interpreter reservation platform where companies can hire Korean-Vietnamese interpreters for short-term events.

With nearly 3,000 members (English interpreters, Korean interpreters, Japanese interpreters, Chinese interpreters, etc.) in Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, and other countries, Freelensia provides interpreters for trade fairs, exhibitions, business meetings, business-matching sessions, seminars, conferences (consecutive or cabin interpretation), etc. Interpreter identity and qualifications are verified. Prices are publicly listed and stable.

Clients can discuss with and evaluate the videos of interpreters on the platform. Freelensia also offers useful tools such as an online working calendar, specialized vocabulary tailored to each event, and live-chat support to both clients and interpreters on the days of the event.

Freelensia has professional interpreters who are fluent in interpreting for trade fairs, business meetings, and seminars.

Here are some Korean – Vietnamese interpreters on our website:

1. Ms. Oanh

You can find Ms. Oanh's listing here.

Ms. Oanh has 7 years of experience in interpretation. She has a master's degree in Korean and work experience in a Korean financial company. She is an expert in general business meetings.

Total interpretation fee: 220$ / night


2. Ms. Phuong

You can find Ms. Phuong’s listing here

Ms. Phuong has over 3 years of interpretation. As she has a certificate of TOPIK level 4, she is willing to meet clients in events such as tour guide, or courtesy visits.

Total interpretation fee: 27.5$ / half-day


This article will help you look for professional Korean – Vietnamese interpreters in Hanoi. We understand that there are many ways to find interpreters but if you need more information about the interpreters, you can look up on Freelensia interpreter community, where interpreters are screened and prices are publicly viewed on interpreter’s listings, and reserve the one you find most suitable for your events.

Do you have requests? Do not hesitate to contact us right away on our website or write to us at


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