How To Evaluate an Interpreter

By Site Admin | May 22, 2019
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Business is becoming more globalized every day, and expanding internationally can be one of the most significant challenges for a growing business, mainly due to the language barrier.

Reserving interpreters or translator for short-term events such as meetings, seminar, and exhibitions allows companies to solve critical business problems within a reasonable budget. To know how to find a reliable and affordable interpreter for a business meeting, exhibition or seminar, please read our latest article.

There are different approaches to find an interpreter, however a bigger challenge after finding one is, how to verify that the candidate is the best fit for your event?

Freelensia would like to recommend 3 steps:


1. Assess the credentials


A good starting point to evaluate an interpreter is his CV. In particular, check the interpreter's age, educational and work histories, past interpretation events, and any test scores the interpreter has obtained. However, be aware that not all interpreters are telling the truth about their background.


2. Check for references

An interpreter is only as good as the reviews of the clients. If you got the referral from another company, ask the referrer how he feels about the interpreter? Was the interpreter strong in some areas and weak in others? Was he very capable yet did not prepare well for a particular event? Those "hidden" spots are very useful to help decide whether you have found the suitable interpreter or translator.


3. Meet the interpreter

No matter how good the interpreter is on paper, a face-to-face meeting is sometimes necessary to complete the evaluation process. You can verify the interpreter's accent, appearance, professionalism etc. which may make or break the deal.

Booking the right translator or interpreter for the job will help to ensure effective communication when doing business with foreign clients and associates. Advanced technology has made it possible for companies to reach out to potential consumers and associates all over the globe and interpretation services make it possible to communicate with these new contacts effectively.


If you are looking for a good interpreter for your event, in any languages, click here to see a list of professional interpretation service providers at Freelensia.


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